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Dinner jackets are a black tie must. We at Dobell love an excuse to dress up, and helping you choose the ideal dinner jacket or tuxedo for your next event, is what do best. Our affordable, high quality and stylish jackets are just part of our range of dinner suits. 

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  • Dobell Dark Green Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Green Tartan Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Shawl Lapel
  • Dobell Racing Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Peak Lapel
  • Dobell Silver Floral Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Silver Shimmer Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Lapel
  • Twisted Tailor Silver Snakeskin Pattern Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Lapel
  • Dobell Silver Crushed Velvet Tuxedo Jacket
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Dinner Suit Jackets

Every man needs a good dinner suit jacket in their wardrobe. It’s certainly a must for formal occasions and black-tie events. Making sure you have one that fits right and looks the part is vital. We at Dobell love an excuse to dress up, and helping you choose the ideal dinner jacket or tuxedo for your next event is what do best.

There are plenty of ways to wear yours, but depending on the dress code and your shape, there are some rules to follow if you want to look sharp. Luckily, our vast range of affordable, high quality and stylish jackets are there to complete your look paired with suits as part of our dinner suit range.

What is a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket is an item of clothing that goes by many names. Say dinner jacket, tux, DJ or dinner suit and you’ll be saying the same thing. They are all dinner jackets! A tuxedo is one of the things we specialise in at Dobell, and we have one of the classiest, yet most affordable ranges in the whole of the UK.

When we launched our business in men’s formal wear, we started off with tuxedos and dinner jackets, and that’s why we’re so expert when it comes to finding the right one. If you want to do it right, it’s worth remembering the rules of wearing a tux. They are quite strict, but they’re also obvious and relatively simple to follow. Typically, the tuxedo dinner jacket comes with either grosgrain or satin lapels. This is what makes them distinguishable from a classic suit jacket. This feature also means that you need to style it carefully.

What shirt to wear with a dinner jacket?

The evening jacket has historically been paired with matching tuxedo trousers, with a single stripe of braid, or stripe on the outseam of each leg. But during the 1930’s it became fashionable to wear white jackets during hot weather as a cooler alternative. As fashion has changed, over the past decades, other styles have come in. Now, you’ll even see contrasting coloured dinner jackets with the traditional tuxedo trousers in a modern take on dinner suits.

As men’s tastes and fashions have changed, different styles like tweed and velvet smoking jackets have become more popular. To check out our fantastic collection of dinner jackets simply browse through the items below. To give you more inspiration, you can even pair evening jackets with colour matched trousers. Variations on the colours or materials used on smoking or dinner jackets are typically deemed slightly less formal than the white, and certainly the black jackets normally associated with formal dress codes of black tie.

Our dinner jacket range has been carefully selected, so you are guaranteed excellent quality and value for money. To find your exact style, size and fit, just scroll through our evening jackets now, and find your perfect suit jacket for any formal wear occasion.