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The White tie dress code is considered the most formal evening dress code. Wearing white tie comes with strict dress code expectancies, including high waisted trousers, white gloves, white marcella shirt, white waistcoat, and the all important white tie tailcoat tuxedo. Buy white tie below for less than it would cost to hire. 

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  • Dobell White Tie 2 Piece Suit


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  • Dobell Essential White Tie Package: Full White Tie Outfit + Free Delivery


  • Wing Collar, Marcella Front Dress Shirt by Dobell
  • Marcella Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Dobell White Tie Marcella Waistcoat
  • Black Trousers, Satin Side Stripe by Dobell
  • Slim-Fit, Black Tuxedo Trousers by Dobell
  • Dobell 100% Wool White Tie Trousers
  • Hematite Cufflink & Stud Set
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  • Onyx Cufflink & Stud Set - Gold Coloured
  • Dobell Black Patent Contemporary Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Black Patent Double Monk Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Black Patent Slip-On Dress Shoes
  • Wing Collar, Plain Front Dress Shirt by Dobell
  • Dobell Black 100% Wool Classic Top Hat
  • Wing Collar, Pleated Front Dress Shirt by Dobell
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  • Black Dress Scarf
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  • Standard Collar, Plain Front Dress Shirt by Dobell
  • Ball Handle Dress Cane
  • Standard Collar, Pleated Front Dress Shirt by Dobell
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What to Wear: White Tie Dress Code

Dating back to the end of the 18th century, white tie has become the dress code reserved for formal evening events, Royal Ceremonies and state banquets.

On some occasions, it can also be a preferred dress code for formal weddings and where the strictness of such attire expectancy can seem complex, it needn’t be a stress you have to endure.

White tie requires these items:

  1. Black tailcoat or black dinner jacket.
  2. White marcella shirt
  3. White marcella waistcoat
  4. White gloves
  5. White bow tie
  6. High waisted trousers
  7. Patent leather black shoes
  8. Black top hat
  9. Dress cane

At Dobell we make sure our white tie product range offers you all the necessary elements of white tie in one place, and at prices that will surprise you.