Tailored Fit Black Suits

Tailored Fit Black Suits

The black suit is a traditional and staple outfit, but a tailored fit black suit is an elegant classic that will never fail to impress. In the most subtle way, the black suit in a tailored fit is a show-stopping formal favourite and is perfect for those very special occasions, such as weddings and parties. Browse our selection for beautiful wool options and lightweight alternatives.

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Tailored Fit Black Suits that Fit your Budget

A tailored fit black suit is perhaps the most elegant of the cuts, and has the sleek sophistication of a slim fit suit, with the long-lasting tradition of the classic suit. It is an excellent choice for a wedding suit, which really is the time to pull out your best outfit. A tailored fit is a perfect option for a black suit, especially for someone who needs a suit for those special occasions but might not wear one all that often. Dobell is the best place to buy a tailored fit suit on a budget. We take great care in creating beautifully crafted suits that are considerate of the tradition and importance of the suit’s role. We use beautiful fabrics and designs, all while making sure that our tailored fit black suits are affordable and easy to wear. We have detailed size and style guides that will help you find the best tailored fit black suit for you, as well as show you which suits are appropriate for which situations. You can also learn how to tie various tie knots and brush up on your suit-knowledge with our glossary. Finding the perfect tailored fit black suit is one thing, another is to style it in a way that allows you to stand out and the suit to live out its potential. Luckily, a tailored fitting black suit is a great base to work from. Adding classic elements such as a white shirt, black tie or bow-tie and black polished shoes is a brilliant way of creating an outfit that will serve as an elegant option for a range of occasions. Of course, you can be more adventurous if you’d like. A silver tie and pocket square will, for instance, heighten your look by several notches and is an excellent way of making your outfit more special — something you might want for special events such as weddings. A wedding is, of course, an occasion when you can really step it up, so why not add some colour by popping some flowers in your buttonhole or by going for a punchier tie?"