Slim Fit & Skinny Fit Black Suits

Slim Fit & Skinny Fit Black Suits

The black suit, in contemporary slim or skinny fits, is an elegant and modern alternative to traditional formal dressing. The sleek cut delivers a classic silhouette and the suit will serve you well for any special occasion, particularly for weddings and formal events. A slim or skinny fit suit in all black is a great base for minimalist, sophisticated styling or a more flamboyant look.

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Affordable Black Suits: Slim & Skinny Fit

Wearing an elegant black suit with a flattering slim or skinny fit will make you feel sophisticated and perfectly dressed for any formal occasion.With an updated cut, the slim or skinny fit black suit is a stylish choice anyone in need of a suit that will last them through a wide range of evening events. 

The slim and skinny fits lend themselves well to a minimalist expression, teamed with a slim tie, crisp white shirt, pocket square and black dress shoes. However, the trendy cut also works well with more elaborate styling. Worn with a bow-tie, braces and small-patterned shirt, the look of the suit is changed from formal to modern. Similarly, paired with a short-sleeved shirt with the top buttons undone and Chelsea boots, the black suit gets to show off its versatility. Just because it is a classic mostly associated with formal events, doesn’t mean that the wearer can’t put their personal mark on it. As such, it is a sartorial blank canvas, with lots of potential. And although there are suggested norms about when to wear a black suit, breaking the rules can sometimes pay off. One thing that can’t be changed is the fact that a slim or skinny fit black suit needs to have an excellent fit. Cut closer to the body, the slim and skinny fit black suits are constructed with a slimmer leg and lower raise trouser, as well as a trimmer jacket, when compared to a regular fit suit. It’s important to find the right size and length for your body. You can refer to our size guide for help when looking for the perfect fitting suit. The sleeves of the jacket should fall just above the wrist-bone, the shoulders should be snug, but not crumple or pull. The trousers should be comfortable on the waist and more fitted around the leg, they should lay lightly on the top of the shoe and come halfway down the heel. We are sure you’ll find a suit you love here at Dobell. Browse our selection of fabrics and cuts, or take a look at our size and style guides, for more inspiration.