Tailored Fit 3 Piece Suits

Tailored Fit 3 Piece Suits

The definition of tailored elegance, a 3-piece suit is a classic that has continuously revived popularity, despite its long traditions. A stand-out option for any occasion where a suit is appropriate attire, the three piece vs. two piece match is won by the versatility the waistcoat adds to the ensemble. 

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Mens Tailored Fit Three Piece Suits

The 3-piece suit is a great option for any situation where a dressed-up look is required. If you’re wondering when to wear a 3-piece suit, then this is an easy rule-of-thumb: any occasion where you’d wear a suit, you can wear a 3-piece. It all comes down to how to wear it.

Wether a groom, or just a guest, a 3-piece suit in a muted design is the perfect base for a wedding look. Styled sharply or more relaxed, depending on the dress code, you can’t go wrong with a navy blue, grey or black 3-piece suit. Equally, it can be paired down to serve as a sophisticated business suit, and will even do the trick for dinner dates and parties.

What is a 3-piece suit?

Essentially, it is the combined jacket, trouser and waistcoat, creating a classic, but contemporary alternative to the suit. Today you’ll find endless colour combinations and material types, leaving it up to your to put your sartorial stamp on the classic.

Still, there are a few 3-piece suit etiquette rules worth following. A tailored suit should fit your body perfectly to leave you looking trim and with a sophisticated cut. Be particularly aware of the fit around the shoulders and the length of the jacket sleeves. The waist of the waistcoat should also be fitted in a flattering manner. If online shopping, follow the provided size guide, where you can find measurements and directions. The waistcoat should cover the top of the trousers waistband — this means no belt for a three piece suit. Wear suspenders if necessary. Also, the bottom button of the waistcoat and jacket should always remain unbuttoned.

Other than that, let loose! Break up the 3-piece and wear the pieces separately. Wear the jacket on its own, like a blazer, skip the jacket altogether, wear the waistcoat with mismatched trousers, or wear the trousers on their own. The biggest benefit of the 3-piece suit is that you get an extra item to play around with.