3 Piece Suit

3 Piece Suit

A 3 piece includes a suit jacket, trousers and matching waistcoat to create a sharp style perfect for any occasion. Below is our fantastic collection of 3 piece suits available to buy as a set or as individual items. If you already have your perfect suit picked out, check out our range of waistcoats to match or contrast  for a modern look. 

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  • Dobell Black Suit
  • Dobell Navy Blue Suit
  • Dobell Grey Sharkskin 3 Piece Suit
  • Dobell Dark Blue Suit
  • Dobell Mississippi Blue 3 Piece Suit
  • Dobell Midnight Blue Two-Tone Suit with Peak Lapel
  • Dobell Grey With Blue Multi-Stripe Windowpane Check Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy with Large Blue Windowpane Check Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Grey With Black Multi-Stripe Windowpane Check Suit
  • Dobell Black Slim Fit Suit
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  • Dobell Dark Blue Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Navy with Blue Pinstripe Suit
  • Dobell Bottle Green Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Navy with Large Blue Windowpane Check Suit
  • Dobell Dark Grey Check Suit
  • Dobell Light Blue Herringbone Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy Flecked Donegal Tweed Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Navy Stripe Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy Gingham Check Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Grey with Burgundy Windowpane Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Red Suit
  • Dobell Blue Prince of Wales Check Tweed Slim Fit Suit
  • Holland & Sherry Of Savile Row London 100% Worsted Merino Wool Blue with Red Windowpane Check Suit
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3 Piece Suits

Take your tailoring up a notch and add a waistcoat to create a 3-piece suit. 3-piece suits are not only a stylish upgrade from the classic suit, but also provide additional formality, perfect for special occasions.

While the three piece has a sharper, more contemporary feel, it has actually been around since suiting began. However, it wasn't until the late 1970's that the individual components started to become available to purchase as separates, something that is the norm in modern retailing. These days, 3-piece ensembles are dominating street style everywhere, with an array of matching and contrasting suits and separates available.

Wearing a 3-piece suit might seem fairly straight forward, but there are still a few unspoken rules that should be adhered to when styling a 3-piece. The last button of the waistcoat (and jacket if it's done up) should always be left undone, it should always cover your trouser line- but not too much, and you should definitely ditch the belt.

As the 3-piece suit is a just a combination of a jacket, trousers and waistcoat, it can pretty much be worn anywhere you would wear a traditional suit, but it also lends itself well to more formal occasions. So, whether you want to make a real impression in the office, on a date, at race day or at a wedding, it's always good to have the option of a 3-piece hanging in your wardrobe.