Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts

The dress shirt is as important to black tie as the dinner jacket or black bow tie. Dobell’s collection of men's formal dress shirts come in a huge range of styles, fit and colours. Shop our collection of tuxedo shirt options below and once you’ve selected your favourite, complete your attire with cufflinks, cummerbunds and stud buttons.

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The dress shirt is as crucial to black tie as the dinner jacket or black bow tie. Dobell’s collection of men's formal dress shirts come in a huge range of styles, fit and colours helping you to find the right dress shirt for your occasion. Shop our collection of tuxedo shirt options below to find your favourite, then complete your look with cufflinks, cummerbunds and stud buttons.

What is a dress shirt?

Your dress shirt completes the formal look for any black-tie event, so it’s essential to choose the right one. Unlike a regular men's shirt, the dress shirt has either concealed buttons in a plain front or a stud button front, usually with a double cuff option. This is because just like the rules of wearing a tuxedo, all the workings and fittings are masked, meaning buttons, seams, and stitching. The stud buttons are often plain, with a glossy inlay.

This original design was due to the stiffly starched fronts of dress shirts, which were far too tough for normal buttons to fasten at the front. Generally, ivory or Marcella white shirts are expected at formal engagements such as black-tie, white tie events, and dinner-dances.

The traditional detachable stiff-winged collar has fallen out of fashion over the past few decades, with people preferring the modern-day dress shirts. We stock both the stud buttonholed shirts and plain fronted options along with stud buttons. These can be matched to your bow tie or cummerbund colours or act in contrast to your accessories.

How to measure for men’s dress shirts?

Making sure you feel comfortable in your tux is as imperative as feeling relaxed and confident in your outfit at a black-tie event. Because feeling comfortable in your outfit and tuxedo shirt is just as important as feeling confident in your actual appearance, measuring yourself properly is key.

We recommend taking the time to carefully re-measure yourself before ordering any of our items but in particular our dress shirts. When you’ve got your measurements, compare them to our sizing guide. The end result should be a dress shirt that feels snugly enough to look stylish and sleek but still allows enough room to breathe freely. If yours doesn’t fit correctly, it can make your whole look appear unpolished. Too small and tight and the buttonholes can be left gaping and cutting into your shoulder blade whenever you raise your arms. If your shirt is too big, it can mushroom or billow out over the top of the tuxedo trousers. Although you can disguise this to some degree with a cummerbund, you can only do so much.

With our easy to follow size guide, you can always make sure you buy the right size. And if you feel that it’s too small or too big, we will be happy to swap it for one that suits better as long as it’s returned to us within 28 days.