d/Spoke is our fresh, energetic in-house brand. It's been created for the young-hearted man who isn't afraid to inject a little fun into his wardrobe. d/Spoke explores the playful side of exquisite tailoring, pushing the boundaries of formal-wear to produce tailored slim-fits and fashionable cuts with bold fabrics and stand-out designs. It dares to be different. Do you?

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  • Pink Suit

    Pink Suit


  • Yellow Suit
  • Red Suit

    Red Suit


  • d/Spoke Psychedelic Novelty Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Mardi-Gras Novelty Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Candy Pink Handkerchief
  • d/Spoke Lemon Yellow Handkerchief
  • d/Spoke Chilli Red Handkerchief
  • d/Spoke Candy Pink Bow Tie
  • d/Spoke Lemon Yellow Bow Tie
  • d/Spoke Chilli Red Bow Tie
  • d/Spoke Candy Pink Tie
  • d/Spoke Lemon Yellow Tie
  • d/Spoke Chilli Red Tie
  • d/Spoke Sunset Orange Tie
  • d/Spoke Union Jack Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Union Jack Novelty Suit
  • Orange Suit
  • Christmas Holly-Days Waistcoat
  • Candy Pink Waistcoat
  • Chilli Red Waistcoat
  • Sunset Orange Waistcoat
  • Festive Fun Red Christmas Suit + FREE Antlers
  • Rudolph Red Christmas Suit + FREE Antlers
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