Waistcoats for Men

A waistcoat provides a sophisticated, smart and formal look. Our extensive range of men’s waistcoats features an array of colours, styles and fits, and you can add one to our range of men's suits to create a three piece.

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  • Dobell Light Grey Waistcoat
  • Dobell White Dupion Waistcoat
  • Dobell Royal Blue Paisley Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Tuxedo Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Slim Fit Tuxedo Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Horseshoe Tuxedo Waistcoat
  • Dobell White Tie Marcella Waistcoat
  • Dobell Red Tartan Slim Fit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Grey Paisley Waistcoat
  • Dobell Red Paisley Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Paisley Waistcoat
  • Dobell Bronze Paisley Waistcoat
  • Dobell Charcoal Grey Statement Check Waistcoat
  • Dobell Black Waistcoat
  • Dobell Dove Grey Backless Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Dove Grey Single Breasted Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Morning Suits
  • Luxury 100% Wool Gold/Buff Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Gold Buff Single Breasted Notch Lapel Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Cream Linen Double Breasted Shawl Lapel Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Sand Linen Double Breasted Shawl Lapel Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Dobell Gold/Buff Double Breasted Shawl Lapel Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Luxury 100% Wool Sky Blue Double Breasted Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • 304 Product(s)
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What to Wear with a Waistcoat

These days, the waistcoat is a welcome addition to traditional tailoring, by turning your suit into a three-piece, you create a much more formal and stylish outfit. There are plenty of ways to create a casual look using a breasted waistcoat to add a polished finished look without feeling too overdressed. Equally, if you need to dress to impress at an event like a wedding, a chic, tailored waistcoat is an essential piece of your outfit.

The best thing about waistcoats is that they are a flattering addition to any outfit. Make sure to get the fit right first, and you'll have a slimmer, streamlined silhouette regardless of what you pair it with.

Adding a waistcoat to your attire is an excellent choice for events taking place in the warmer months too, as it allows you to remove your jacket and still maintain a certain level of formality. Complete your look with a crisp new shirt and add the finishing touch with one of our bow ties for a true gentleman's attire. Or, dress it down with a casual shirt and chinos for lunches or weekend styles. If you're opting for a casual look, simpler outfits work best, and for big occasions like weddings, extra detailing and flourishes make all the difference.

Types of Waistcoats

This particular style was first introduced in 1660 by King Charles II of England. Historically referred to as a vest, the term 'waistcoat' derived from the fact that the garment was cut at the waist. In contrast, formal coats at that time were much longer than they are now, with what was known as "full skirts" that flared from the waist.

Today, they come in an array of styles for a multitude of occasions. This could include a coloured dupion for a formal wedding, a black horseshoe for a black-tie event, a tweed double-breasted for a casual summer soiree or a navy single-breasted for that important business meeting. We have a full collection that gives you all the choice, from regular and slim fits to more tailored fits, that you need for any occasion and look.

You can shop our men's breasted waistcoats now to get some inspiration. Whether you're after a regular fit, a skinny fit or even a bespoke tailored fit, we can help you to look your best. We have one of the largest collections packed with on-trend looks, both on the high street or the web. That, along with our combination of high-quality tailoring, shirts, and incredibly competitive pricing, makes us hard to beat.