Wedding Cravats

Our men's cravats are perfect paired with our wedding suit range. Our formal cravats come in two options; either pre-tied to save you the hassle and stress of achieving the perfect fit, or as self tie/hand tied option. We also have a range of matching pocket squares for you to complete the outfit.

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  • Wilvorst Black Pre-Tied Cravat & Pocket Square Set
  • Wilvorst Champagne Bow Pre-Tied Cravat & Pocket Square Set
  • Dobell Heritage Blue Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Baby Blue Dupion Cravat
  • Red Da Vinci Cravat
  • Black Da Vinci Cravat
  • Dobell Gold Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Royal Blue Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Pink Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Silver Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Red Victorian Jacquard Cravat
  • Dobell Yellow Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Fuschia Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Ivory Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell White Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Red Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Blue Victorian Jacquard Cravat
  • Dobell Orange Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Navy Blue Victorian Jacquard Cravat
  • Dobell Burgundy Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Racing Green Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
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Men's Cravats

Cravats generally come in two styles: daywear and formal cravats, otherwise known as wedding cravats. A cravat is now a common form of neck tie, partnered with men's wedding suits. They predate what we now see as the common men’s silk ties and bow ties. During their rise to popularity in the 17th century, they were used as ways to cover the exposed shirt underneath a suit jacket, to protect it from food and drink spillages during meals. They came in various materials, such as coarse cloth for lower ranking military, to the silk version, similar to the now popular at wedding cravats, for the highest elite and commanding officers.

The cravat is actually so popular, it is celebrated on the 18th of October, as the day in which the cravat, and any form of neck tie that has come since it’s creation, is commemorated. When considered, the cravat has had an extremely influential impact on mens formal wear, with any modern day formal dress code requiring some form of neck tie.

We offer pre tied, hand tied or self tied cravats, if you wished to add your own knotted style to your outfit. Our pre-tied cravats offer the appearance of being expertly tied by yourself without the need to learn the complex process prior to your event.