Welcome to our handsome collection of tuxedos for men featuring a selection of high quality tuxedo jackets and trousers perfect for proms, groomsmen, wedding guests and black tie events. Shop below for a variety of different styles, colours and fits on offer, including slim fit, velvet, white and black tuxedos, all for sale at less than the cost of hiring. 

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Tuxedos & Tuxedo Jackets

Black Tie is one of the most formal dress codes a gentleman will be faced with, so it's important to be prepared. Having a well fitted, high quality tuxedo hanging in your wardrobe will avoid panicked dashes around rental shops when you receive that last minute invitation and mean you can relax in the knowledge that your outfit is ready and waiting for you. 

Whilst traditionally most people think of a black tuxedo when faced with a black tie event, fashion, and dress codes alike, have progressed in recent years meaning more variations are available, and more importantly accepted, within the formal world. If you want to break the mould of black and white dinner suits, you can now opt for a luxurious velvet or even a vintage tweed for your next event. 

In addition to your quality dinner suit you will need a crisp white dress shirt, and there are important decisions to be made here too. You can opt for plain front, pleated or stud buttoned depending on your tastes and will need to choose between a standard collar or a traditional wing collar if you really want to stick to the rules. Next, you will need to chose yourself the perfect bow tie, one of the most important finishing touches to any tuxedo. Typically the bow tie is matched to the colour of your tuxedo Lapels but we have a vast range of bow ties in a selection of colours, fabrics and designs if you want to stray away from traditional a tad. If you are making the effort to dress in traditional black tie attire we would suggest a self-tie bow tie but if you want to take the easier route, we have a great selection of pre-tied Bow Ties to make the dressing process a little simpler.

Many aspects of a Tuxedo are designed to adhere to formality by hiding all the fixtures to create a smooth silhouette. This is where the final finishing touch, the cummerbund, comes into play. Disguising the mid section where your shirt can often billow out from your trousers, the cummerbund is one of the most important elements of the black tie outfit. Available in an array of colours, you can choose to match your cummerbund to your tuxedo, bow tie or stud set for a really eye catching look.