Check Suits

Check Suits

Check suits are back in style in a big way. As classic fabrics and cuts become more popular, the checked suit has found a place in the modern formal-wear market. Its versatility and impeccable style are monumental in making this classic a new favourite. The many cut and style options available on the market makes finding the right suit for you easy.

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Check Suits are Back in Style

Checked suits are an elegant way of showing some sartorial individuality when dressing for smart-causal, formal and special occasions. The pattern’s sophisticated expression and traditional associations gives way for the checked suit as a fashionable option that encourages people to invest in durable, well-made suits, in classic and timeless designs. 

Checked suits have become increasingly popular among the suit-wearers, and the many available fits and styles makes it easy to find your own favourite. A checked suit in a slim or skinny fit is a great choice if you want a stylish expression. The sleek silhouette and contemporary cut make these slimmer alternatives great for anyone with a trendy style, and for smart and casual situations. A tailored fit check suit, on the other hand, is a great option if you need a suit for the most special occasions, such as weddings and parties. The elegant silhouette of the tailored checked suit is also a flattering choice for all ages and body types, and will be a suit that you can hold on to regardless of trends. A regular fit checked suit is a great alternative for more casual events or as a business suit. The relaxed and generous fit will keep you comfortable, but the check will make you stand out regardless. A checked suit is a wearable and versatile formal wear option for a range of occasions and has also got a great smart-causal potential. A crisp white shirt will take you far, regardless of what suit you’re wearing, and you can style it with the top button undone or with a smart-looking tie or bowtie. Try wearing a bright red or emerald green tie with a checked navy suit — simple, but very effective. Muted checks, grey alternatives for instance, can also take a hit of colour, but are equally elegant paired with a simple black tie and minimalist accessories like a slim, black belt and freshly polished shoes. You can also add a checked waistcoat to your outfit and enjoy wearing a checked three-piece suit. Give yourself some freedom of style by using other accessories to create outfits you’ll love. Cufflinks, watches, braces and colourful socks can all be part of making a look stand out.