Novelty Suits

Novelty Suits

Our novelty, party and stag do style fancy dress suits! Make your big night a memorable one with our range of hilarious and high quality fancy dress suits. Our novelty suits are crafted and designed in the exact same way as our business suits, so the fit will ensure you look sharp as well as funny. Don't forget to check out our full range of mens suits for every day wear too. 

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  • Green 'Pool' Bow Tie
  • Black 'Basketball' Bow Tie
  • d/Spoke Casino Novelty Tie
  • d/Spoke Psychedelic Novelty Tie
  • d/Spoke Lemon Yellow Handkerchief
  • d/Spoke Chilli Red Handkerchief
  • Candy Pink Waistcoat

    Candy Pink Waistcoat

    £19.99 £4.99

  • 'Rainbow' Bow Tie
  • Union Jack Bow Tie

    Union Jack Bow Tie

    £9.99 £6.99

  • d/Spoke Multicoloured Blocks Novelty Tie
  • d/Spoke Chilli Red Tie
  • d/Spoke Candy Pink Tie
  • d/Spoke Union Jack Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Mardi-Gras Novelty Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Blood Splatter Novelty Waistcoat
  • Dobell St George Waistcoat
  • Sunset Orange Waistcoat
  • d/Spoke Psychedelic Novelty Waistcoat
  • Chilli Red Waistcoat
  • Black & White Chequered Braces
  • Yellow Braces
  • Dobell Union Jack Waistcoat
  • Santaboss Slim Fit Christmas Novelty Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy Patent Contemporary Dress Shoes
  • 76 Product(s)
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The Perfect Novelty Suits for Stag Dos and Christmas Parties

Christmas parties and stag dos normally start with a theme and we have plenty of them in this range of novelty suits. If you're looking for an attention grabbing office party suit, we have plenty in our collection for you to choose from. Some of the awesome choices include bright block colours including pink, yellow or red but if you are looking for a more extreme style, check out our smiley face, or the ever popular Rubix cube suits. For the wannabe superhero, we’ve got the perfect option for you with Superman and Batman suits; both guaranteed to get a lot of attention from the local damsels in distress.

Before settling on your choice, it is also worth checking out the Hawaiian shirt style suit, dazzling all star suit and Cashanova suits. If you’re attending an office Christmas party, you've got to check out our festive themed suits which will probably win you the best dressed male award, before you've tucked in to your turkey.

It is worth bearing in mind that, although these suits look fun, the attention to detail with regards to quality, finish, and fit are the exact same as our business and wedding suits. We make them in the same exact factory, so you can be rest assured this suit will last you for many, many more parties to come, and you’re not simply purchasing a one-off suit, these are built to last!