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A pocket square is the most decorative of accessories, giving formal attire its finishing touch. We’ve got a fantastic range of colours, styles and prints in our collection, so you'll be able to transform your suit over and over again. Why not match your pocket square with one our matching cravats for an extra special look. 

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  • Torre Navy Blue Textured Tie and Handkerchief Set
  • Torre Bright Blue Puppy Tooth Check Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set
  • Torre Black & White Puppy Tooth Check Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set
  • Torre 100% Wool Dark Blue Windowpane Check Tie & Handkerchief Set
  • Torre 100% Wool Black Check Tie & Handkerchief Set
  • Red Da Vinci Handkerchief
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  • UK, AU
  • Navy Herringbone Patterned Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Yellow with Blue Paisley Print Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Yellow Square Print Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Red Square Print Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Light Blue Paisley Print Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Blue Donegal Tweed Pocket Square
  • Loch Hart Black Circle Motif Pocket Square
  • Light Brown Herringbone Tweed Pocket Square
  • Liberty 'Edenham' Royal Blue Floral Pocket Square
  • Happy Santa Red Christmas Handkerchief
  • Grey & Orange Dogtooth Check Handkerchief
  • Green Herringbone Tweed Pocket Square
  • Green & Black Tartan Pocket Square
  • Festive Fun Red Christmas Handkerchief
  • Dobell Yellow Dupion Handkerchief
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Pocket Squares

Pocket squares or handkerchiefs can be dated all the way back to 500 B.C when they were used by the wealthy to cover their noses from the smell of the lower classes. While you might associate pocket squares with nose blowing, they were originally used for a multitude of hygiene purposes including carrying hot plates and to protect the head from sunburn. When used for practical reasons the clean item would be placed in the pocket of the jacket but moved out of sight to the trousers after use. Once disposable tissues infiltrated the market place, handkerchiefs were deemed unhygienic which is when the pocket square was fully established as the fashion accessory we are familiar with today. The contemporary pocket square can be folded using many different techniques depending on the look you wish to achieve. Whether you want a straight line showing, one tip, two tips, three tips or even a curve, there's a fold for you to follow to ensure you get it right. The pocket square is the ultimate finishing touch with its ability to turn your everyday suit into one fit for an occasion. Our range of pocket squares are of the highest quality and match a variety of items from our wider accessories collections, so you can get the whole set at our affordable prices. Shop our pocket squares now and make a statement at your next occasion.