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Add a retro touch to your outfit by ditching the belt in favour or a pair of our stylish men's braces. The most dapper of all the accessories, a pair of braces can totally transform any outfit. We have a huge selection of braces available including novelty, colourful, slim and printed so you will definitely find a pair that catches your eye. Shop our collection of trouser braces now or if you want to stick to tradition visit our range of stylish men's belts here

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  • Yellow Braces
  • Welsh Dragon Braces
  • St George Braces
  • Red Lambretta Scooter Print Braces
  • Rainbow Braces
  • Poker Print Braces
  • Peacock Print Braces
  • Navy Blue with Large White Polka Dot Braces
  • Navy Blue and Cream Large Striped Braces
  • Lindenmann Navy Blue with Small White Dots Braces
  • Lindenmann Green with Small White Dots Braces
  • Lindenmann Blue Stripe Slim Braces - 25mm
  • Light Burgundy Paisley Braces
  • Jellybean Print Braces
  • Harlequin Print Braces
  • Gold Braces
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 White Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Silver Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Red Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Racing Green Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Navy Blue Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Black Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 White Braces - 35mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Silver Braces - 35mm
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Braces For Men

Modern braces, or suspenders as they are also known as in other parts of the world, were invented in 1820 by Albert Thurston. Originally their use was entirely practical- to hold up trousers. Therefore they were thought of as underwear which is why the belt eventually took over in their place as a more aesthetically pleasing solution. Since making a come back in the 1940's, braces are seen as much more of a fashion accessory meaning men are wearing their braces loud and proud to create their retro look.

While you might think of more formal attire when it comes to wearing braces, their infiltration into mainstream fashion has seen them combined with a variety of outfits from two piece suits to jeans and t shirts. Braces are a simple accessory for men to wear, but of course there are still a few rules to bear in mind. Firstly, never wear a belt with braces, they are designed for exactly the same purpose so it would be surplus to requirements to wear both. Secondly, get the tautness right, you don't want them too loose that your trousers fall low, but you certainly don't want them so high they are bunching up around your crotch. Finally, braces look best when worn on trousers that are ever so slightly loose around the waist, after all if they fitted perfectly they wouldn't be needed! 

Our selection of men's braces really does have it all, from classic bold colours for formal occasions to stylish patterns to brighten up your work wardrobe and even novelty designs to fit pretty much any theme you can think of. Shop our collection now and be the most dapper man in any room.