Boys Cravats

Boys Cravats

Welcome to our selection of boys wedding cravats, perfect for your little page boys on the big day. A cravat is the ultimate formal accessory and our collection features a variety of colours and fabrics so you can create your perfect look. Our line of boys cravats not only match our lovely range of boys waistcoats but also our mens cravat collection so your little gentleman can look just like the grown ups.  


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  • Boys White Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Racing Green Poly Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Gold Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Light Gold Satin Cravat
  • Boys Taupe Dupion Cravat
  • UK, AU
  • Dobell Boys Burgundy Paisley Cravat
  • UK, AU
  • Dobell Boys Silver Paisley Cravat
  • Boys Heritage Blue Paisley Silk Cravat
  • Dobell Boys Ivory Paisley Cravat
  • Boys Royal Blue Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Silver Leaf Cravat
  • Boys Ivory Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Purple Satin Cravat
  • Boys Black Satin Cravat
  • Boys Mint Green Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Pistachio Green Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Coffee Poly Satin Cravat
  • Boys Lime Green Poly Satin Cravat
  • Boys Chocolate Brown Dupion Cravat
  • Boys Cream Paisley Silk Cravat
  • Boys Champagne Bow Jacquard Cravat
  • Boys Powder Blue Dupion Cravat
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