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​Why Every Man Needs A Blazer

11 days ago

Why Every Man Needs A Blazer

There are a few deceptively simple tools in life that no household should be without. Among them are allen keys, those tiny screwdrivers you get in Christmas crackers, and wooden sticks, which are great for stirring paint and retrieving lost items from behind the radiator... and the versatile star of any man’s wardrobe is the blazer!

In short, a blazer is a jacket that doesn’t match with suit trousers but is sometimes considered appropriate for formalwear. In the gentleman’s fashion rules, a blazer is less formal than a suit, but more formal than a sports jacket. With these tools in your armory, you’ll be prepared for nearly any eventuality life throws at you.

What is the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket? There are minor differences, and the biggest one is that a blazer stands alone, while a suit jacket is usually bought with a matching pair of trousers. Blazers usually worn open or with only the top button buttoned, and they are a highly adaptable addition to your wardrobe. And there are two main blazer styles you will come across while shopping: single-breasted jackets and double-breasted jackets (tend to be more formal).

Being menswear experts, we’re not the best people to comment on sticks, screwdrivers, or allen keys, but we do know some very valid reasons why every man should own a blazer. As we consider every man should have a collection of blazers in their wardrobe, here are some main reasons why:

1. Versatility

The faithful blazer is one of the most versatile garments a man can own. That’s hard to believe until you actually own one – but when you do, you’ll wonder how on earth you survived without it.

It’s probably the one item of clothing in existence that can transform your jeans and t-shirt combo from ‘bachelor slob’ to ‘urban cool’ in a matter of seconds.

Photo: Dobell

You can sling a blazer on over pretty much anything – a polo shirt, a waistcoat, a T-shirt, a shirt, or even a jumper.

2. Zero effort

It takes zero effort to wear and yet a blazer can instantly make you look like you’ve really got your stuff together; you’ve got your finger on the pulse, you live in a trendy penthouse in East London, you make your own sourdough bread and you’ve probably got over a thousand followers on Instagram.

3. Look smart casual but not over-keen

No one wants to be that guy who turns up at work in a full suit and tie unless your office’s dress code requires it. But if you want to create a good impression at work without looking over-keen, a blazer is the best solution. Wear your shirt with the collar open, team it with a pair of dark jeans or chinos, and throw that blazer on top to give you the stylish edge over your colleagues. Extra points if you match the outfit with a pocket square.

4. Tackle the trickiest dress code in existence

How do you combine smart and casual without erring too much towards one side and being an utter embarrassment? It’s a minefield. Until you own a blazer, that is. Shove on a blazer over pretty much anything (except for trackies) and you’ve got an instant, no-fuss smart casual style. No sweat.

5. Unpredictable British weather

You can’t carry a trench coat or great big winter coat or with you everywhere just in case it rains. The solution? A blazer, of course. It’s light enough to carry around in warmer weather and – if you choose pure wool, it’s naturally waterproof and insulating. Perfect for that inevitable mid-summer drizzle.

Photo: Dobell.

What are the common fabrics used for a blazer?

When you’re shopping for a men’s blazer, you’ll easily realise there are plenty of fabric options to choose from, with some working better for certain occasions over others:

1. Wool

They are usually worn in more formal looks, so make sure to consider this blazer style when looking for an outfit for less formal occasions when wearing a suit is not required. They are produced in a wide range of colours so you have plenty of choice options for smart casual outfits.

2. Tweed

Tweed is the quintessential fabric for British heritage style. They tend to be on the more casual side, bringing hints of the countryside to your finished outfit. There are several types of tweed, including overcheck, striped, herringbone, or twill among others. Tweed blazers look great if you’re wearing jeans or chinos and they are ideal for winter days.

3. Linen

Linen is the favourite fabric of the summer for its lightweight, timeless, and breathable characteristics, which make them perfect for the warmer months. They are popular choices for summer weddings, and they come in a wide range of colours, which will help you get the right linen blazer to suit your style and the occasion.

4. Velvet

As velvet is a luxurious fabric, is always going to look more formal than other fabrics. A velvet blazer will work very well with a pair of black or grey trousers. If you want to dress your look down you can always combine a velvet jacket with a dark-coloured T-shirt (or even black jeans if you feel extra confident with the final result). A pair of nice brogues or Chelsea boots can help to finish the whole look off.

Definitely, a blazer is the perfect garment in any man’s wardrobe, and an office-appropriate alternative to the typical suit and tie for any smart casual attire. Blazers can move in the business casual dress and smart casual dress code, as you can team them up with a pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a pocket square, and still look fine.

By now you will no doubt long for a men’s blazer of your own. Luckily, we have an excellent collection of men’s blazers in a variety of colours, shapes, styles, and fabrics. You’re bound to find something you love.