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What To Wear To Work: An Office Wear Guide

5 months ago

What To Wear To Work: An Office Wear Guide


We offer you a daily office wear guide to beat the working week and motivate you through each working day with the new styles for Autumn/Winter season.

“I believe I can see the future, ‘cause I repeat the same routine...”. Does that line seem to define your life lately? Every day looks the same, a bleary eyed start, the fifth time you’ve pressed the snooze button… today is Monday and it’s time to get out of bed and into the shower…

Oh dear, holidays are over, summer is almost gone (what summer anyway?) and it’s time to come back to the office routine and cooler days. Then it’s the inevitable “what should I wear?” decision you have to make, while at the same time kicking yourself for – again – forgetting to put the dark load in the washing machine.

Do you really need to be so stressed about this? The start of a working day is just that, the start, of an uphill battle towards 5 p.m. on Friday, which is when you get to forget this nightmare for another 60 hours or so, before starting all over again. But you can combat this by wearing the perfect outfit with your work clothes to act as the antidote to your mood.

In the last decade famous figures such as the iconic Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg (famous for their pricey black turtleneck jumpers and a crazy expensive grey T-shirts, respectively) have taken a sartorial choice to wear the same clothes each day to reduce the daily decisions they have to make. Do we have to be so drastic with our fashionable uniform? Men’s fashion could be more fun than these examples, don’t you think?

We are what we wear. Wearing a suit is a very simple way to increase your self-confidence. How we present ourselves affects how others perceive us. A well-presented person wearing an impeccable suit (or smart casual outfit) will be perceived to be more competent than one who is sloppy – admit it, first impressions are really important in any setting in our lives.

A man wearing a suit is usually gets more respect from other people, especially at work, so you shouldn’t be reluctant to dress well, with either a business suit or a smart casual outfit – and you can get a complete 3 piece suit at Dobell cheaper than a grey T-shirt like Zuckerberg’s!

Get the hassle-free guide to what to wear to the office. We have devised the perfect office outfit plan to motivate you through the working week, and dress for the mood of that particular day with your work wardrobe.


Feeling: Out-of-body experience. Weekends should be four days a week.

Outfit: Tweed jacket or blazer, light jeans, and Chelsea boots (or desert shoes).

Photo: Dobell.

Get The Look: This is the smarter fashion version of the Cup-A-Soup “Hug In a Mug” campaign. The benefits of this look are that it’s no hassle to get ready, you just throw on jeans and a jumper, grabbing the versatile blazer or a tweed jacket before you leave the house. You’ll feel comfortable when wearing just the jumper and jeans, as you try and wake your brain up on the way to work. When you get there and are suddenly thrown into a commercial meeting, chuck on the tweed jacket or blazer to boss the look.


Feeling:Trying hard. An important 9am meeting wakes you up for the rest of the day.

Outfit: Shirt and chinos.

Photo: Dobell.

Get The Look: Yes, it’s easy to get on, it’s relaxed, but it’s a professional-looking outfit choice, that makes you feel dressed up, without actually trying too hard.

The shirt is the part that really makes this outfit: you can move from fine linens to luxurious florals and colourful textures for all occasions to keep you looking stylish and sharp. Why not wear a floral and bright Liberty fabric shirt? Chinos are less formal, with a matte effect, they act as a backdrop for your shoes and shirt to stand out. Survive today and you are almost halfway there.


Feeling: Productive and energetic.

Outfit: Classic suit and tie combo.

Photo: Dobell.

Get The Look: Wednesday is the halfway point, and it is also widely recognized as the most productive day of the week. For this reason you should maximize the effect by dressing up in a look to go to the office, and taking control of your to-do list in an emphatic fashion in more ways than one.

Waking up and donning the full suit and tie combo today will almost force your production levels to exceed even what they should be. Pick your ideal suit from our men’s suit collection and partner your suit with one of our ties.


Feeling: On it!

Outfit: Tweed jacket, shirt and contrasting trousers.

Photo: Dobell.

Get The Look: You are still feeling productive after Wednesday’s onslaught, but are looking to also start the wind-down to the end of the week.

Take a tweed jacket or blazer and smart shirt, partnering it with contrasting trousers (a light top half/dark bottom half is normally the best way to go about it) for a universally appreciated, professional style. You have plenty of different options available to you on men’s blazers and trousers. Is it a nippy morning? Jump to a warmer fabric with a tweed jacket.


Feeling: Buoyant and relaxed.

Outfit: polo shirt and chinos.

Photo: Dobell.

Get The Look: It’s the best day of the week, as in a few hours time, assuming the boss doesn’t land a surprise weekend deadline on your desk, you will be able to relax on Saturday and Sunday. But you have a full day at work to complete first.

A great way to incentivize the final push towards the finish line is to relax your office attire for the last day, by combining a polo shirt (or V-neck T-shirt) and smart dark, jeans, with loafers or desert shoes. This outfit also fits the after-work-drinks dress code while you unwind with a hard-earned pint.