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What To Wear To Wimbledon – Best Men Outfits To Watch Tennis

2 months ago

What To Wear To Wimbledon – Best Men Outfits To Watch Tennis

One of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments, which attracts celebrities and royalty, is already well under way. Wimbledon 2019 is the biggest fixture on the professional tennis calendar, but the fashion and attendees steal a lot of attention too. Do you know what the Wimbledon dress code is?

The Wimbledon Championships is the biggest Grand Slam tournament and is quite unique in comparison with any other tennis competition worldwide. This tournament, founded in 1877, is steeped in tradition, bringing the English summer garden party style and sports, and requires both participants and spectators to adhere to a number of guidelines.

After all, if this is the most elegant tennis tournament in the world and an all-white strict Wimbledon etiquette has applied to tennis players since 1963, why should spectators be excluded, right?

Is there a Wimbledon dress code for spectators?

Although there’s no dress code at Wimbledon – as such – for general ticket holders, dressing smartly is highly encouraged for all spectators, especially if attending the Centre Court or Court Number One. If you’re lucky enough to be in possession of a ticket, you should follow certain strict rules when attending at Wimbledon to avoid any red-faced moments (and we’re not talking about sunburns!).

Tradition is tradition. A general rule applies to those men who are invited to the exclusive box on Centre Court: men must wear a jacket, tie, and shoes (not hats though). If you ever find yourself with one of these invitations don’t forget this trio of items if you want to stay at the tennis court because Wimbledon rules for spectators apply to all - Lewis Hamilton was denied entry once in the Royal Box on Centre Court when forgetting the jacket and tie!

Certain hospitality areas request clients dress on the smarter side of casual. Jackets and ties might not be compulsory in all courts, but jeans and trainers are not allowed as a general rule for gents. Wimbledon outfit is elegant and simple and, of course, common sense: no ripped jeans, no tracksuits; political slogans and marketing clothing are forbidden.

During these first days of Wimbledon we have seen spectators (men and women) that have accomplished the traditional Wimbledon attire without any mistake. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in linen light blue jacket and blue tie, or Marvin Humes with a burgundy linen jacket and blue tie are showing the first men courtside looks of the tournament. James Middleton, Jude Law, and David Beckham were usually on the best-dressed men list at Wimbledon.

hen it comes to piecing together a perfect tennis match outfit (for Wimbledon especially) it’s all about finding a classy and elegant look without forgetting the comfort and practicality. If you’re going to a great event for the first time and want the inside knowledge on what to wear to Wimbledon keep reading this Dobell guide.

The perfect Wimbledon attire

Wimbledon glam look


Unpredictable English summer rain is always a risk, but elegance is not incompatible with practicality. Centering your look on a linen three-piece suit can help to keep you cool and warm if the sun decides to play, and you still look smart. You can decide to go for a light version of a three-piece linen suit, and complete the look with a white shirt, a tie, and a pocket square.

Smart casual look


If you’ve managed to get a ticket in the ground court you still can maintain a smart casual style wearing a navy linen blazer, combined with light linen trousers, a linen shirt, and a pair of smart men shoes. You can look as great as in the Centre court.

The perfect match outfit is here, let the outfit inspiration commence!