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‘Smart Casual’: The Do's And Don'ts

1 month ago

‘Smart Casual’: The Do's And Don'ts

‘Smart Casual’ is one of the most common terms when it comes to men’s fashion, but how do you create the perfect outfit that’s not too smart, or too casual?

Whether it’s your office attire or race day dress code, smart casual is the one of the most commons dress codes and the least specific. Giving you creative license ‘smart casual’ can be a blessing, but how do you make sure you get the perfect balance and still show off your style.

We’ve put together our dos and don’ts when it comes to smart casual to make sure you get it right on the night.


Think outside the box

Don’t be afraid to be creative and use fashion to its full potential. A smart jacket and trouser combination paired with some smart white trainers is a great way to dress up your sneaks and down your suit. Taking the definition of smart casual oh so literally will leave your peers jealous they didn’t think of it first.

Choose a Chino

Chino’s are a must in every modern mans wardrobe, the versatile middle ground between jeans and suit trousers. Perfect for summer when you require something a little lighter. Opt for original beige for a classic look or go for one of the many pastel variations on offer for something a little more unique.

Add a blazer

If you don’t want to go shopping for a whole new outfit, a blazer could be your new best friend. You could even get away with smart jeans and a t-shirt underneath if you choose correctly. Tweed blazers are a great purchase as they are easily dressed up or down. Tweed is also one of the top trends in men’s fashion that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s a great investment.


Wear rips

Jeans have become more and more acceptable within a smart casual dress code. However, rips are one step too far. Despite them being in every high street store and most men’s wardrobes, ripped jeans are not, and are unlikely to ever be, considered smart, or even smart casual. So we’re afraid it’s jeans, yes, rips, no.

Be afraid to ditch the tie

Smart attire for a man would traditionally include a tie or bow tie. But when it comes to smart casual, one simply way to dress down your suit is to ditch the neck wear and undo and few buttons. No shopping required, just a simple transition from smart to relaxed in a few seconds.

Be too sporty

Sportswear is infiltrating mainstream fashion left, right and centre but that doesn’t mean it is always the right choice depending on the occasion. As we mentioned above, a smart pair of crisp white trainers can be work with a smart outfit (not to mention comfortable) but sports clothing such as hoodies or tracksuits are a definite no-no. As a general rule when it comes to smart casual, limit the sportswear to your feet.