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How To Wear A Suit With No Tie And Look Great: Some Style Tip

1 month ago

How To Wear A Suit With No Tie And Look Great: Some Style Tips

The tie has lost the battle in some masculine wardrobes, and many men like to escape from the strict rule to wear a tie at all times when wearing a suit. If times change, should the masculine dress code change too? Here’s some advice about when you can wear a suit without a tie.

It would be unthinkable that a men suit and tie don’t need to stick together. At least in the last century, can you imagine? It seems that suit and tie always went hand in hand, but it seems men fashion show dress code rules are (sometimes) made to be broken – sometimes a no-tie attire is an even better idea!

The tie has lost its power in men’s wardrobes, and many young men are escaping from the traditional ‘suit and tie pack’. This doesn’t mean they are not popular or it’s not essential in anyone’s wardrobe, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot give a little twist to your look. Doubts usually arise with this outfit, as it can make you wonder: why am I wearing a suit?

Some dress-code standards comply with a particular attire. This is the first thing you need to consider when you are about to choose this ‘suit and no tie’ formula. This comes with the place you are going to and the time of the day. If you want to exclude the tie in some of your casual looks, take into account the following tips. After all, the key to wearing a suit without a tie is to adapt to the circumstances of the event and find the balance with your personal style.

When to wear a suit without a tie: the theory

Study all the elements for the celebration, consider the details before leaving the tie at home, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

In the business space, wearing this casual outfit depends on the type of company you’re working for. Generally, traditional companies can establish a dress code policy and men may not be allowed to forget the tie at home – except on dress down days at the office. Other companies, especially in more relaxed professions where T-shirts and trainers are allowed, there is no such dress code and you might be overdressed with a suit jacket. Consider the company’s culture and your professional image anytime you have to dress to work. And what about the job interview?

The same reason applies to celebrations and commemorations. At weddings, for example, forgetting your tie is not such a good idea unless the conditions are right for it. Even some grooms prefer to relax the outfit and not wear a tie at all. If you don’t want to be the centre of attention, always wear a tie for black-tie events or proms. Not all celebrities are well-dressed for evening events and there are always fashion trends you should avoid.


How to wear a suit without a tie: the practice

Once you have chosen the occasion to wear a suit without a tie you have to move to the practice. This is more simple than it seems because you don’t have to be worried about so many elements in your outfit.

Thus, the main consideration for this combo is the shirt to go with your suit. A white shirt is always a matching item with any type of colour or pattern in the suit; however, you may feel more festive and choose a colourful shirt, or just try to apply a monochromatic outfit – there are thousands of ideas when it comes with men shirts! And yes, here is where the right rules should arise. You might need to pay attention to the shirt collar. The face is framed by the shirt collar, so one or two buttons of the shirt should be open – but having the shirt too open might result in an untidy outfit, and a hairy chest might not go down well. A smarter look results when you open enough number of buttons to keep the jacket lapels aligned together (and hide your vest at the same time, if you wear one). For this, choose a peak collar instead of a rounded collar, and try to cover it with the jacket to keep a neat look. For more informal attires where a casual look is needed, a mandarin collar – an unfolded stand-up collar style – can replace a traditional shirt collar.

There is one situation in which a shirt can be replaced in an outfit, and it’s when winter comes. In these cases, a swan neck, and jumper combined with an elegant suit jacket and a long coat can also be a variable to take into account.

Are you ready for it? A basic rule is knowing exactly the size suit you need, how the suit fits on you, and basically what is the best suit fit for your shape. Both jacket and trousers should fit well on shoulders and lengths should be proportional to in arms and legs to avoid unaesthetic wrinkles when closing the jacket.

Why wear a suit without a tie: some considerations

As we already mentioned, the main reason for wearing a suit without a tie is to create a more refreshing and relaxed look than the one traditionally established. It’s common sense to win the bet in the outfit selection. If not, think in Johannes Huebl, David Gandy, or Jon Kortajarena street styles.

One of the things that you need to have clear when wearing a suit with no tie is to feel confident about adding men’s accessories to your outfit. Accessories are more important in the outfit than ever, because a tie is a basic element in a men’s outfit, so if you are going to dispense with it, remember not to forget the rest of men’s accessories to complete a great smart casual look: they will be the absolute heroes in your attire and will rescue your elegance, making an attire less plain and more attractive.

In this case, a pocket square is always must-have. Find out a nice one that could fit with the suit and shirt and can become in the absolute attention in your top outfit: pattern, bright colour, original fold... The same should apply to belt, braces, and even socks. Cufflinks can also help you to gain the elegance you are losing from the other side. Plus, as you don’t need to dress up you can play with more casual designs to give you a plus of style. And we don’t forget the importance of footwear. Men’s shoes are going to give the most important touch to the attire: how casual you want to look depends if you want to stick to formalwear or casualwear.

A second option among the men’s accessories for a waistcoat, a trendy complement that has become popular in recent times with the three-piece suits. A waistcoat has plenty of options without a suit jacket. As with the bow tie and men’s suspenders, it has also been rescued by fashion trendsetters who have claimed their more informal side in the men’s attire, with original designs, striking colours, and even fun prints! You can use your imagination to turn heads with no tie.

In short, as always when referring to something that has to do with fashion, the perfect formula for wearing suits without a tie is anything that combines a balance between imagination, personality, and good taste with the specific characteristics of the event to which one has been invited and with the trends of the moment. And remember, when in doubt, stick to the basics!