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​How To Wear A Monochrome Look: 4 Stylish Outfit Ideas

18 days ago

How To Wear A Monochrome Look: 4 Stylish Outfit Ideas

Mastering the monochrome look is a case of how to wear black or white or both: slim, smart, simple. Have you ever wondered about taking the next step and adding other colours to your wardrobe? Dive into the monochromatic style tips for one of this year’s fashion trends with this guide.

Sometimes the world seems to conspire against us: the weather, the commuting, the shape of our body… and we don’t have the time or energy to think about what to wear when rolling out of bed. Some colours can be difficult to pull off and if you add patterns to the equation things can be even harder. Straight lines and clean edges are important as monochrome is supposed to be sleek but edgy. Who said women’s dresswear was more difficult than men’s?

If you are a beginner in tonal dressing ideas, you can start with a basic colour principle. The beginners’ rule is to go to the classic black and white style – it’s a basic in anyone’s wardrobe and it’s ideal in formal and casual looks!

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Whether it is a three-piece suit or trousers and a T-shirt, the monochromatic outfit breathes practicality and simplicity. There’s nothing better than making an impact with a simple look. But this “penguin” look can be upgraded to an impressive spectrum of colours. There’s a common misconception about monochrome dressing as a black and white combo, but it really means wearing separates of one colour or different shades of a single colour. You can create an overall tonal look you wish.

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For example, a green suit with a white shirt. Or a burgundy suit with a black T-shirt. Once you’ve selected the colours try to stick to the simple: there’s already so much going on that prints and patterns risk complicating a look and making it confusing.

5 ways to wear monochrome

1. Easy Officewear

We aren’t suggesting wearing flip flops, shorts, and T-shirt (although it’s a possibility if you don’t have a dress code in your office), but you can upgrade the office uniform wearing a shirt or T-shirt in the same colour as your suit trousers.

Our suggestion: mix light colours and lightweight and breathable fabrics (cotton, linen) from head to toe in the summer. You can change the look in the cold days with darker colours and long sleeves and warmer fabrics, such as knitted sweater, wool jackets, or black leather.

2. Business Attire

A black suit may be a mistake in business and you might consider wearing other popular colours such as navy or grey charcoal. Although these almost-black shades can be ideal for business attire, you can think in other colours to combine.

Our suggestion: wear a burgundy suit or a different colour suit (brown, bottle green, light grey) and match them with a conservative tie in black or navy and a plain shirt.

3. Colourful Evening Parties

Bar and club dress codes can limit the colour options, as they often accept anything but black and white in party wear. Next time you go to a party, add the colour touch with a nice velvet blazer.

Our suggestion: tweak your outfit with texture and colour with a velvet tuxedo jacket or a jacquard blazer.

4. The Prince Of The Street Style

A good look is still good when you stick to the basics but adding the wow factor on it. Take the risk with a coral pink suit or yellow suit. Play with your outfit and use the same colour family in the outfit if you are confident enough to pull this off. Slim-fit suits and skinny fits in general always work well.

Our suggestion: Colour-block suits or party suits, mixed with crew neck T-shirts, polos shirts, or even sweatshirts. If you want to punctuate in elegance, choose a pair of loafers, moccasins, or Chelsea boots. For a great smart casual look you can change these shoes for white trainers, essential garments in a modern wardrobe.

Black and white monochrome outfits are the pinnacle in men’s formal and smart wear. Black and white or white and black, it’s all about what works for you in the mix and match. Nothing can go wrong with a white shirt and black suit. It’s timeless and ideal for the party season: for a prom, a wedding, or a special occasion. But colours are highly recommended and popular in the street style, and colourful suits prove the personality of the one who’s dressing them.

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If you feel ready to style your monochrome look but need some inspiration, you can discover your ideal colours in our men’s suit selection or in the range of men’s party suits.