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How To Wear A Grey Suit

16 days ago

How To Wear A Grey Suit?

Grey suits can offer a fresh alternative to black suits, especially in the summer when you want your look to be lighter, brighter, and more seasonally appropriate.

How to wear a grey suit, though, can bring up a few questions – for example, when are grey suits appropriate, and when aren’t they? What colour tie should be worn with a grey suit, and what style and colour shoe? Should you add accessories? If so, what kind?

Here at Dobell we know a thing or two about snappy dressing, so here we’ve laid out a few ways in which you can make sure your grey suit look stays on-trend…

What shades of grey suit do I have to choose from?

Like every suit that isn’t black, your grey suit can come in a variety of shades. And the shade you choose will determine how you accessorise and the colours that you choose to pair with it.

If you’re shopping for a grey suit, you’re likely to have a choice of the following colours and styles:

Light grey

A great option for the warmer months, especially if you’re a bold dresser and want to add a splash of colour into your look. We’ll explain exactly how to do that, and what colours to pair with a light grey suit, later in this article.


Be careful of the material or fabric you choose here – if you’re going for a silver suit a cheaper material might end up looking shiny, and no one wants that. Opt for natural fibres and you’re onto a winner.


A great choice if you want to look sophisticated whilst keeping your look simple and classic. This is the colour we’d go for to guarantee a strong look at any event, from reception to lights-up.


This is a classic style, that can comprise of large or small checks.

Dark grey

Dark grey in a suit is the closest shade you’ll find to black, if you want to embrace the grey suit look but stay conservative and ensure you’re playing it safe.

Grey suit fabrics

You’re also likely to have a number of fabrics to choose from, including:

  • Harris Tweed Herringbone
  • Mohair
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen

Which you should choose, of course, depends on the time of year. As a rule, go for wool or tweed in the colder months, and light fabrics such as cotton or linen in the spring or summer. Linen can be a good choice if you’re attending a formal event abroad and want to ensure you can stay cool in the sunshine.

Photo: Dobell.

When to wear a grey suit?

One question you’re likely to have is when exactly you should wear a grey suit, and when it might not be a good idea.

In general, grey suits can be a strong look for most occasions. We’d avoid them at funerals, where black is de rigueur, but they can be perfect for most other formal situations: weddings, christenings, job interviews, dinners and awards ceremonies, for example. These are all occasions where a sleek grey suit is likely to go down well.

Bear in mind that a grey suit gives you the opportunity to add a splash more colour to your sartorial palette. Something that you can’t really do if you’re sticking to the standard black. Get ready to make some bold choices!

What colour tie to wear with a grey suit?

Of course, your choice of tie is directly linked to the shade of grey that you’ve chosen for your suit. Whichever shade you’ve chosen, the tie still presents an opportunity to have a bit of fun with colour.

Pink and lilac ties can work well for weddings. Even a daring pattern such as polka dot, floral or check, can go well with your grey suit.

For a fresh summer look, we think pastel is a great shout. The number of internet searches for both light pink and light green ties seems to back us up.

Only choose a pastel shade for your tie if your suit is light grey, though – dark grey or charcoal suits are unlikely to suit this look. Instead, opt for a stronger shade if your suit is of a darker hue, and remember: choosing your colours seasonally is key.

What shoes to wear with a grey suit?

Unless your suit is in a very dark shade of grey, we’d avoid choosing black shoes to go with it. Dark grey suits can work well with this look, but if you’ve opted for a lighter shade your feet could end up looking a little bit too heavy.

Instead, you could opt for a statement in contrasting brown or tan for a lighter and more casual look that still gives off an air of well put together sophistication.

An even bolder choice, and one that reverberates ‘fashion’ if you can effectively pull it off is a cream shoe. Now, this might sound bold, and it is – so it’s all dependent on the setting. We’d choose the cream shoe for a summer wedding, especially if it’s abroad, or a fancy dinner on holiday. Make sure your grey suit is in a light shade if you’re going to be daring enough to try this look. Tanned ankles are also a plus.

Another option – and one of our favourites – is oxblood. The dark red hue of an oxblood shoe can make a striking and elegant contrast to a cool grey suit, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit toned-down and not too fussy. No contrasting ties are needed here. As they say, if you’re going for this look it’s time to let your feet do the talking.

What accessories to wear with a grey suit?

Lastly, the accessories – an important detail, as in sartorial dressing the joy really is in the detail.

Shirts: We suggest sticking to white or light blue/pink when putting your outfit together.

Pocket squares: Pocket squares offer another chance to add a splash of colour – just make sure they don’t clash with your tie. You can opt for daring, bold prints but we’d recommend going for an understated colour or matching with your tie if you’re not quite this confident.

Cufflinks: Keep these a classic silver or stainless steel.

We hope this guide has given you a few useful tips on how to style your grey suit – now, go ahead and wear it with confidence!