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How To Wear A Blue Suit

12 days ago

How to wear a blue suit?

If you’re shopping for a suit, it’s likely that you’re going to be tempted to go with the standard jet black two or three-piece. But this might be a mistake. Not always, of course, because black suits are often the classy choice. Though it can’t hurt to go for something a little bit more original once in a while.

It’s time to step out of the standard black suit rut and embrace something a little bit different.

Enter the blue suit. A stylish twist on the classic, that can really help to step up you up in the style stakes.

Also, blue suits can be incredibly versatile and can look great with all skin tones and hair colours. Read on to find out how you can style your blue suit, when you should wear it, and what shoes you should add to complete the look.

When to wear a blue suit?

It’s a good question – when should you opt for a blue suit over a black one?

When we start thinking about it, it can also become a fairly complicated question. Blue, of course, comes in many varying shades, from sky blue to midnight, with a range of colours in between. There are certain occasions, then, where a certain shade of suit just won’t cut it.

Here are our thoughts on when you should wear certain shades, and when you should definitely avoid them.

Light or sky blue

We think a light or sky-blue suit is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, especially if it’s in a light fabric (for example, linen). It’s equally as perfect for a day out at the races, especially if the sun is out. Avoid at formal events, business functions, or at any event that begins after 6 pm.

Cerulean or azure blue

Cerulean and azure are lovely shades for any type of clothing and can offer a real stand-out choice if you decide to go for it in the suit department. Living in the comfortable space between casual and formal, and appropriate for most seasons, we think you could get away with a suit of this hue at a wedding, a party, or in the office. Team with a white shirt for peak freshness.

Midnight blue

Midnight blue is the absolute classic. You can wear it for a huge range of occasions. Weddings in any season of the year, formal dinners, work functions and even christenings.

Electric blue

This is bold, but if you’re shopping for a formal event and you’re brave enough to pull it off then we salute you! You never know, it could become the fashion moment of the evening. As long as you don’t pick a shiny fabric, and instead stick to healthy cotton or woollen blends, depending on the time of year. You don’t want to turn up looking like Austin Powers. Also, don’t wear it to the office unless you’re very sure that it’ll go down well.

As we can see, there are a huge range of options when it comes to blue suits. But the general rule is that if there’s an occasion where you can wear a black suit, there’s probably room for you to swap it for a blue one.

Photo: Dobell.

What colour tie to wear with a blue suit?

Burgundy ties work well with darker or midnight blue suits. In fact, any tie that has a similar colour strength is likely to set the look off nicely. Moss green, a similar shade of dark blue, dark grey – all of these colours will work well.

If your suit is a lighter shade of blue, go for light grey, for example, or another light shade (green, pink) if you’re feeling bold.

Remember to consider your colour of shirt, too. If you’re not opting for a traditional white, you might end up with three contrasting colours. You probably don’t want that, unless you’ve really thought about it and decided that the colours match and that you can, in fact, pull it off.

What colour shirt to wear with a blue suit?

We’d advise making sure you pair your suit and tie with a very crisp white shirt. Certain colours might compliment certain shades, but white is always a safe bet that will keep you looking well put together and fresh.

Only go for another colour if you’re a snappy dresser who’s already confident about the look. You don’t want to go overly bold and end up feeling uncomfortable. If you do opt for another colour, black, grey, light pink or even a lighter shade of blue are likely to go down well.

What shoes to wear with a blue suit?

Black or brown formal shoes are your go-to when styling your blue suit, but again the first thing that you’ll need to think about is the shade you’re working with. Darker brown or black shoes are likely to work with a dark or midnight blue suit, whilst they might look too heavy if you’ve gone for a lighter option. Lighter brown shoes or loafers can work with lighter blue suits for formal occasions.

Of course, if your occasion isn’t that formal – if you’re working in an office with a smart casual dress code. For example, you might also be able to get away with trainers. If you do decide to opt for trainers, make sure your suit is fitted closely in the leg. Your footwear will look like an odd choice otherwise. White trainers are best suited in this case.

What accessories to wear with a blue suit?

If you’re thinking about accessories that will sit nicely alongside your blue suit, you’re probably thinking cufflinks, watches and about the handkerchief, you’ll need to position in your lapel pocket.

In all these cases, we’d opt for silver rather than gold. The latter might run the risk of looking cheap, especially if paired with a midnight blue suit, and that’s the last thing you want after you’ve put so much effort into planning your outfit.

If you’re thinking about what kind of belt to wear, make sure you match it with your shoes for the ultimate in well put together male stylishness.