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Get The Peaky Blinders Look: The British Heritage Style

1 month ago

Get The Peaky Blinders Look: The British Heritage Style

Heavy wool dark coats, vintage tweed suits, newsboy flat caps, tweed waistcoats, and penny collar shirts are some of the timeless garments that are becoming super trendy in the UK thanks to the Peaky Blinders drama. Do you want to know everything to get the Peaky Blinders style in the 21st Century?

Peaky Blinders Season 5 is here! Fans of the BBC drama Peaky Blinders are in luck. Tommy, Arthur, and Polly Shelby come back to our homes this year after a long wait of two years (yaaay!). For those who are curious about how to get the peaky blinders look we have here the best tips to revive this style.

If you were living in a cave for the last five years you might not know 1920s outfits are one of trendiest men styles – and they are popular for weddings and parties. Based on a gangster family after the First World War, the Peaky Blinders gang look so good and prove to all of us that you can be adventurous and ambitious with a tweed suit. Apart from all the drama that has made it a popular series, the inspirational outfit styles of the main characters have received an overwhelming response from viewers here in the UK and around the world.

Get dressed in 1920s-style men’s outfits with new clothes is not difficult, and a lot easier and more stylish than any other latest fashion revivals – by order of the Peaky Blinders the haircoat is optionable, of course. The Peaky Blinders wore tailored clothing, which was totally uncommon for gangs of the time, and prove to us that nothing brings more comfort (even if they have to fight or run with them) than good old tweed and wool suits, the British heritage style.

Luckily for us, this style is more modern and appropriate for contemporary men than any other fashion – and will help you to be recognized as a sartorial man in the street like the Beckhams. Although the whole Peaky Blinders wardrobe can be a bit over the top, and you may prefer to check the hour on your smartphone rather than on a pocket watch, you can always make some tweaks to your style and modernize it without trying too hard. At Dobell we've designed a Peaky Blinders Collection. Do you want to revive this inspirational British elegant style? Here you have the key elements to get the look of the Peaky Blinders this year.

1920s-style men’s outfits – BBC2

The Peaky Blinders’ Suit

What type of men’s suits do these gangs wear? Although the weather in Birmingham is not the same as in the southeastern coast of England, wool and tweed fabrics are worn all year round and they are having their moment right now in fashion menswear. The Shelby family style is easily recognised by its tailored three-piece suits, usually paired with bell-bottom trousers and button jackets.

Winter trousers are wide-legged and tapered to a crop at the ankle in materials such as tweed, hopsack, or wool: you add shape to your silhouette and keeps the right balance between the loose fit and slim fit.

Most popular cloths for getting the Peaky Blinders’ look are heritage patterns and fabrics, as tweed and wool, mixed with leather (dark brown or black boots), and silk is admitted in some men’s accessories. You can go for plain dark shades of charcoal, navy, racing green, or black, and even herringbone tweed.

When the weather takes a turn, overcoats are winter essentials to outerwear for the modern and classic gentleman, as they help to keep you warm and stylish when wearing a suit. If you wear a suit, this is a coat that complements a suit well and, if it fits properly, will cover the suit jacket or blazer. Overcoats should be lapeled, long, and heavy, to help you fight against the elements in your walk between the office and the closest coffee shop.

Three-piece suits are influenced by the British military-esque look – Dobell

The Peaky Blinders’ Shirts

Perhaps penny collar shirts identify this style when matched with a three-piece tweed suit and tweed waistcoats. These elegant shirt collars with one rounded collar tips look lovely with tweed and you won’t see anyone in the street style wearing these shirts with jeans or casual garments. Penny collar shirts became so popular in the 20th century that Mods relaunched these retro-style shirt collars, so popular in the world of menswear.

Penny collar shirts: a crossover between the grandad collar and traditional men shirts collar – BBC2

The Peaky Blinders’ Accessories

If there’s a rule that any men should learn from Peaky Blinders is to understand how important men’s accessories are for suit up an outfit and identify a personal style, don’t you think?

What hat do they wear in Peaky Blinders? The trend in hats today. Everybody knows that a newsboy flat cap – that can be used as a casual hat too – represents the distinctive members of the gang. Historians reference that the usage of this peaky accessory was to hide disposable razor blades into the peaks of their flat caps, which could then be used as personal weapons. The Peaky Blinders were known to sneak up from behind then and pull the hat peak down over a victim’s face, so they couldn’t recognise who robbed them. Gross!

Round, flat shape and stiff, peaked flat hats are worn practically in any daytime attire – Dobell

But flat caps weren’t the only elegant signature in this 1920s look; as tweed waistcoats were generally keeping a nice pocket watch. Wealthier members of the band also wear silk scarves, starched collars (worn by business class in evening events) and metal tie buttons.