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​Best Menswear Styles For Summer: Suits Are For Hot Days too

28 days ago

Best Menswear Styles For Summer: Suits Are For Hot Days too

Holidays are the best times to you relax your summer style, and a suit is the last garment you want to wear or pack in your suitcase. However, in many settings flip flops and swimsuits are unsuitable attire. Do you want to know which are the most popular styles to wear this summer?

When thermometers rise, suits often seem the least comfortable option to wear on a daily basis. Sadly for all of us, holidays don’t last forever, and a bit of style is required if we want to come back to the office celebrating the tan we got on a sunny beach abroad or even in the UK. As experts in formal and casual wear, here at Dobell we can help you decide which is the best summer suit to wear in the office and in the street (always in style).

Can we wear suits in the summer? Sure! Bright colours, breathable garments, and lightweight suits are ideal for dressing during warm weather, as they keep you looking and feeling fresh. You just need to find the perfect suit and the style that best represents your personality.

But cloth and fabric are just as important in menswear as colours, fit, and combinations. For example, an unstructured suit with no lining can be a great option to fight against the heat. When trying to dress well during hot days, you might be inclined to wear tailored or regular fit garments because they add a bit of volume and let you move; slim fit or skinny fit can make difficult to breathe and keep you cool.

As mentioned, colours also influence the dress decision and it’s therefore worth investing in light-coloured garments in summer: white, grey, earthy colours do not absorb so much heat from sunlight and help regulate the body temperature, while dark colours can make you feel as if you were inside a sauna.

What are the best summer outfits for men?

Linen and cotton are recognized as the best fabrics during heatwaves. Summer outfits for men are not about wearing fewer clothes but choosing the right ones to keep you fresh and cool – you might know what we’re talking about if you think about what to wear in a desert!

Our first instinct would be to show our skin, but if you think about the changes in the temperature between the street and office you will realize that wearing several layers is an optimal resource, as long as they are very light. That’s why here you can consider a waistcoat as a great option to keep you a little more insulated and prevent sweat from penetrating the suit jacket: excessive dry cleaning can reduce the lifespan of a suit, and you are not going to be happy to have your body odour in your clothes for months.

The truth is some three-piece men’s suits are great for summer. For its lightweight and breathable texture, a lot of men are happy to wear even a suit and a waistcoat, because linen suits are the best men’s suits for the hot summer heat. For sure, some of us are invited to a summer wedding or a big celebration that will be one of the most important days in the life of your friend or relative but, on the other hand, will create a dilemma for you. And not because of choosing the present, but the correct attire. If the event is outdoors, a linen suit is perfect to wear to a beach wedding.

What’s the best menswear for summer?

Linen, as a natural and fresh fibre, is the favourite fabric of the summer. This fabric is light and absorbs 20% more water than cotton without feeling sticky. There’s no unthinkable situation for a linen suit: it’s ideal for the office or for an evening party.

There’s a wide range of menswear items made from linen that are ideal for men’s summer outfits. There are linen tuxedos, casual clothing, or formal suits. The ability to complete a linen outfit with the perfect men’s accessories is yours: pocket squares, casual or smart shoes, belts, hats… What is our advice? When it comes to linen suits, don’t be obsessed with the iron; even creases don’t stop linen being elegant in a men’s outfit.

Three-piece linen suit

A three-piece linen suit with matching linen waistcoat is the most sophisticated and elegant choice. One suit as this one, in blue and -product composition---- is ideal for summer weddings, in the morning and in the evening. For a daily outfit, a three-piece linen suit pairs great with a white shirt, a bright-colour tie, and brown shoes. For evening events, a linen suit can be paired with derby shoes and a pocket square.

Double-breasted linen suit

A double-breasted jacket can be the perfect suit jacket for a morning wedding. You can include a bow tie and a pocket square in the outfit if you want to spice up your look. Of course, the choice of shoes is important to complete the look.

Linen jacket and casual trousers

A third summer outfit is original when you pair your favourite linen jacket with a casual pair of trousers (chinos or even jeans) in a different colour than the suit jacket, to create a colour contrast and a great street style outfit. It’s a casual choice but elegant. You can complete this outfit with a pair of derby shoes in black. It’s a perfect office outfit, or a smart casual outfit where there’s no dress code.