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August 2019

10 Interesting Facts About Bow Ties


Bow ties are like pocket squares: key staples in any man’s wardrobe that have the ability to dress up even the most casual look. As 28 August is National Bow Tie Day, we highlight the Top Ten facts about this small piece of clothing.

How A Suit Should Fit

7 days ago

If you are planning on buying a suit for a special occasion or for an important event such as an interview, you need to know how to judge how one should fit.

​3 Easy Evening Outfits For Men To Take On Holiday

8 days ago

You might have your look all sorted on ‘home soil’, but as soon as you encounter a different climate, culture, and daily routine, all sense of style can quickly go out the window. What would you wear for an evening outfit in the summer?

How To Iron A Shirt Properly

10 days ago

If you’re getting ready for an important event, like a job interview, a meeting or a formal event, it’s important to make a good impression. You’ll need to look presentable, and that means turning up with a crisp, freshly ironed shirt.

​Why Every Man Needs A Blazer

10 days ago

There are a few deceptively simple tools in life that no household should be without. Among them are allen keys, those tiny screwdrivers you get in Christmas crackers, and wooden sticks, which are great for stirring paint and retrieving lost items from behind the radiator... and the versatile star of any man’s wardrobe is the blazer!

​The Life-Enhancing Benefits Of Throwing Out Your Clothes

15 days ago

Decluttering and Marie Kondo’s commandments may or may not change your life, but this minimalist lifestyle is the latest trend that comes from Japan to American homes and around the globe. What are the KonMari steps and how do they apply to a man’s wardrobe? Do your clothes spark joy?

How To Wear A Grey Suit

15 days ago

Grey suits can offer a fresh alternative to black, especially in the summer when you want your look to be lighter, brighter, and more seasonally appropriate.

How To Wear A Blue Suit

15 days ago

If you’re shopping for a suit, it’s likely that you’re going to be tempted to go with the standard jet black two or three-piece. But this might be a mistake. Blue suits can be incredibly versatile and can look great with all skin tones and hair colours. Read on to find out how you can style your blue suit, when you should wear it, and what shoes you should add to complete the look.

​How To Wear Short Chinos: The 7 Rules All Men Should Learn

17 days ago

Dealing with hot days is a question of style too. One of the most popular garments in the street style this summer is short chinos. Is this a trend for you?

​What To Wear To Black Tie

20 days ago

When and where is it correct to wear black tie today? We’ve put together a complete guide so you can be aware of every opportunity for black tie attire.

​How To Wear A Monochrome Look: 4 Stylish Outfit Ideas

21 days ago

Mastering the monochrome look is a case of how to wear black or white or both: slim, smart, simple. Have you ever wondered about taking the next step and adding other colours to your wardrobe? Dive into the monochromatic style tips for one of this year’s fashion trends with this guide.