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July 2019

All You Need To Know About Wedding Suits: The Groom’s Guide

21 days ago

Are you going to get married soon? With so much on your plate for your Big Day, now is the time to think about your wedding suit, and we can help you find the perfect one.

How To Buy Your First Suit: Buy Online Or In-Store?

22 days ago

A suit is a symbol of style, maturity, and class, but only when you’re buying a suit that fits correctly, of course. Here are Dobell’s hassle-free top tips for buying your first suit online and getting it absolutely spot on!

​What To Wear When Attending A Funeral Or Memorial Service

23 days ago

Funerals and memorial services underpin a vital process of mourning and give you the chance to pay respect when a loved one has died. Although they usually are sad end-of-life occasions, funerals often provide comfort for the living. Of course, wearing the right attire will help you pay your condolences in the correct manner.

What To Wear To A Job Interview: Outfit Ideas For Men

23 days ago

You eagerly sent out your CV a few weeks beforehand, and you’ve just received an email, inviting you in for an interview. Congratulations! The big day arrives; giddily, you open the wardrobe deciding what to wear and, as if on autopilot, you reach for your trusty suit and white shirt... but hold on hot shot!! Times are changing, and the expected job interview outfit has changed at the same pace. But what is the unspoken dress code for a job interview?

​A Footwear Guide: 8 Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

28 days ago

There are some shoe styles that every man should have in their wardrobe, as some suits require specific shoes. Here we summarize the best shoe styles for every occasion and we explain some shoe style differences. Sorry, flip flops are not included in this list!

10 Tips For Cycling To Work In A Suit Without Causing A Stink

29 days ago

It keeps you fit, it saves you money, it’s great for the environment and it energises you for the day ahead – but there is a major downside to cycling to work.

​Best Menswear Styles For Summer: Suits Are For Hot Days too

1 month ago

Holidays are the best times to you relax your summer style, and a suit is the last garment you want to wear or pack in your suitcase. However, in many settings flip flops and swimsuits are unsuitable attire. Do you want to know which are the most popular styles to wear this summer?

‘Smart Casual’: The Do's And Don'ts

1 month ago

‘Smart Casual’ is one of the most common terms when it comes to men’s fashion, but how do you create the perfect outfit that’s not too smart, or too casual?

Get The Peaky Blinders Look: The British Heritage Style

1 month ago

Heavy wool dark coats, vintage tweed suits, newsboy flat caps, tweed waistcoats, and penny collar shirts are some of the timeless garments that are becoming super trendy in the UK thanks to the Peaky Blinders drama. Do you want to know everything to get the Peaky Blinders style in the 21st Century?

A Burgundy Suit: The Suit You Need In Your Wardrobe

1 month ago

Navy and grey are classic colours for men’s suits… and now burgundy suits are added to this list as a classic colour to consider if you want to spice up your look. Have you already made space in your wardrobe for a new suit?

How To Wear A Suit With No Tie And Look Great: Some Style Tip

1 month ago

The tie has lost the battle in some masculine wardrobes, and many men like to escape from the strict rule to wear a tie at all times when wearing a suit. If times change, should the masculine dress code change too?

​​How To Buy A Suit That Fits: The Best Secrets For Men About How To Dress Well

1 month ago

One of the most special items in any man’s wardrobe, and through which a man can show his personality, is the suit. There are so many occasions and social events where a dress code calls for an elegant suit or a blazer, that is always an important piece of somebody’s wardrobe. Finding the perfect-fitting suit may not be so easy, especially when ordering online, so we’re going to share some style tips for how a suit should fit.

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding – A Guide For Men Guests

1 month ago

All of us might have a clear idea of what to wear to a wedding (either in the church, indoors, or a garden) but, have you ever wondered what to wear to a beach wedding? You’ll know soon that the beach wedding dress code can be trickier than it seems…

A Guide To Tuxedo: How To Dress Up For An Evening Event

1 month ago

Tuxedos (also known as dinner suits) are the main stars for the evening’s dress code. These pieces, with more than 100-year’s of history, were the casual fashion alternative to traditional tailcoats, offering a shortened dinner jacket. Originally considered a semi-formal dress code in Western countries, there are all sorts of variations and facts you need to know before buying a tuxedo.

The Do’s And Don'ts Of Wearing A Waistcoat

1 month ago

It’s a fact: waistcoats were hitting the men street style lately. Jeans, chinos, shorts, or trousers have made evolved this dress vest that was traditionally associated with older gentleman or just elegant occasions. Increasingly popular, waistcoat look great in any kind of size and weather. Have you taken note?

What To Wear To Wimbledon – Best Men Outfits To Watch Tennis

2 months ago

One of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments, which attracts celebrities and royalty, is already well under way. Wimbledon 2019 is the biggest fixture on the professional tennis calendar, but the fashion and attendees steal a lot of attention too. Do you know what the Wimbledon dress code is?