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All You Need To Know About Wedding Suits: The Groom’s Guide

19 days ago

All You Need To Know About Wedding Suits: The Groom’s Guide

Are you going to get married soon? With so much on your plate for your Big Day, now is the time to think about your wedding suit, and we can help you find the perfect one.

No doubt men’s suits and wedding dress codes can be as complicated as the brides’ dresses. Traditionally, the wedding day is considered the happiest day of a young lady’s like, and looking great in the photos and make the most of the occasion are part of a wedding celebration. Nowadays, some of us like different looks or alternative venues to celebrate a day like this, and grooms can be more open-minded about the wedding suit – some modern grooms like to tie the knot with cream wedding suits, white wedding suits, or burgundy suits, as it’s a trendy colour! Others prefer to move to a theme dressing in a Peaky Blinders wedding suit.

So, the groom’s suit is an important point on the wedding list checklist. What should you wear, morning suit or tuxedo? Can you wear a dinner jacket or tuxedo in the morning? What are the best colours for a wedding suit? And what about the tie, should you wear a cravat, a normal tie, or bow tie? If you play in the T-shirts and jeans league, maybe buying a suit can be one of your biggest challenges on your wedding day.

As the home of stylish, high quality, and affordable smart and formal menswear, at Dobell we answer some of the questions that can be worrying you about how to dress for your wedding and in relation to weddings suits for grooms and groomsmen.

Wedding experts recommend searching for the wedding dress at least 12 months before the big day, especially if the bride is unsure about the design. But you don’t need to buy a suit with such long notice or spend a fortune on it, cheap wedding suits can be as good as bespoke ones. Considering the venue and style will help you understand the formality of the suit and the dress code on your own wedding day.

These are the main things to consider when deciding the groomsmen’s suits:

1. Type of wedding

Whether it’s a religious commemoration or an outdoor informal wedding, a morning suit jacket doesn’t depend just on the moment of the day, but the wedding style. Do you imagine wearing a morning suit, waistcoat, and top hat when your partner wears a boho outfit? Unless this is what you’re looking for, remember to decide the style and dress code so you can choose the best men’s wedding suit. Some surprises are lovely on your wedding, but you might regret a lack of dress code at the wedding when some attendees dress more formal than the groom. It can happen!

2. Time of the day and year

When looking for a perfect groom’s suit you have to select the perfect suit depending on the time of the day. Wedding suits for the groom and suitable dress codes are different in the morning than in the evening. Some grooms can wear a morning jacket in the evening and others a tuxedo in the morning. But it’s not what traditionalists would recommend.

When deciding on a suit style, think about the season when the occasion is going to be held – three-piece linen suits are great for hot days, and British wool fabrics and men tweed suits are perfect for winter days.

3. The colour

There’s no reason to go for one colour suit or another depending on the day, but the most popular colours for men’s wedding suits are blue, grey, and black. Generally, the groom uses the colour of their waistcoat in a three-piece suit or in some men’s accessories, so they can combine beautifully with their other half’s shoes, accessories, or even flower bouquet.

How to choose a suit for a wedding?

Because this day is not just for the bride, wedding suits for men have their own dress code and there are some traditions you need to follow to look perfect on your wedding day.

A black wedding suit jacket followed by a black top hat and grey striped trousers, paired with a grey waistcoat are the basic items for a traditional morning suit wedding. Fashion trends have changed slightly and nowadays some grooms show their personality on the outfit during these special occasions.

Traditional wedding suits

Photo: Dobell.

If you want to wear a traditional British wedding suit, stick to the classic black and grey combo in a morning suit (at least up to 7 pm!). Waistcoats for weddings are almost compulsory if you wear a morning suit, but you can add an air of modernity and personality beyond the usual silver and cream men’s waistcoats for weddings. Blue, red, green, or patterned are more and more common nowadays. Try to choose a double-breasted waistcoat on top of a crisp white dress shirt – this is the best colour for a dress shirt. Wedding ties and wedding cravats are compulsory if you wear a traditional wedding outfit; however, men’s pocket squares can be avoided. And never ever wear a bow tie with a morning suit, just with tuxedos.

Black-tie wedding suits

Photo: Dobell.

Some traditionalists are against tuxedos and black-tie weddings suits (especially in religious venues), although tuxedos are popular choices in the United States or the UK. How would you dress if the wedding is in the evening? Well, it's all about the what to wear to black tie. When grooms wear black tuxedos with sunglasses for these special occasions, do you like the mix? And you can find slim-fit tuxedos.

Informal wedding outfits

Photo: Dobell.

If you have both decided to celebrate an informal wedding without the fanfare of a traditional celebration, wearing a suit without a tie is a possible alternative. Or you can pair your trousers and shirt with a bow tie and add a retro touch with a pair of men’s braces. After all, it’s your wedding day and you have to show your personality.

Men’s wedding shoes are black or brown?

Wedding shoes for men are usually the easiest part of the outfit when dressing in a traditional morning coat and morning dress: all black. If possible, black socks and black Oxford shoes are the best formal shoes selection for a traditional morning suit or even a Peaky Blinders suit inspiration. Glossy shoes are not approved by traditionalists, but they will look better in black-tie dress code. Either brown shoes, grey, or other shoe colours would be fine, and they are more likely to be combined in informal weddings.

So did you find this guide helpful? How would you like to dress for your wedding? Tell us more on our social media channels.