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A Burgundy Suit: The Suit You Need In Your Wardrobe

1 month ago

A Burgundy Suit: The Suit You Need In Your Wardrobe This Year

Navy and grey are classic colours for men’s suits… and now burgundy suits are added to this list as a classic colour to consider if you want to spice up your look. Have you already made space in your wardrobe for a new suit?

As we could see in the latest Paris Fashion Week Menswear F/W 2019-2020 runways, wine, maroon, or burgundy suits (or whatever name you want to call it) are in style and here to stay. Couture weeks may be over, but fashion insiders are still talking about the colour of the moment. A matter of taste and other patterns and styles have this colour as the main star of the suit, and the street style has proven that burgundy is not just for Hollywood actors and LA parties. Without any doubt, Ryan Gosling, Harry Styles, and Idris Elba are some of the celebrities who put like to celebrate this colour in different suits and tuxedos any time they can. Would you like to try to the trendiest tone of the year?

When we review the evolution of trends in the tailoring world, perhaps, there are two elements that vary during the seasons, such as patterns and suit fits. In recent times we’ve seen how the popularity of the double-breasted jacket and waistcoats for smart casual outfits were growing in the street style. We usually don’t pay so much attention to suit colours or even patterns for special occasions, as greys and blues are always ranking in the first place of men’s suits. They are reliable, elegant, and versatile colours. As classic looks, having grey and blue suits can be fashionable years after buying them. On the other hand, when we consider black or brown suits they are less popular and are more risky colours: black suits are connected with funerals or hospitality job uniforms, and brown suits might be a bit difficult to combine with shoes, socks, or shirts.

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And what about burgundy suits? Step by step, this colour is starting to gain followers worldwide as it has become a timeless, versatile, and original suit to make a statement beyond the usual tuxedo jacket. Sure, you will probably be as surprised as we were when discovering the virtues of the maroon blend, and you might be thinking that there must be some pattern that cannot stand. A burgundy suit can leave you the opportunity to sneak into the water of new fashion ideas and has been conquering more and more men, who have gradually been convinced that this colour can dominate their wardrobe as strongly as grey or navy for special days.

Of course, it couldn’t be any other way, as burgundy is included in some classic tartan patterns, one of the most beloved in menswear and it’s not difficult to foresee. A burgundy suit for a prom can prove to be eye-catching, elegant, and fashionable, and nowadays not few groomsmen knot the tie in a burgundy suit – a burgundy suit for weddings can look fantastic in an outdoor celebration!

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How to match a shoe with a burgundy suit?

Navy suits match beautifully with soft brown and burgundy shoes. Grey suits also pair well with black, brown, or burgundy. Pair brown suits with burgundy, red or black shoes. But what color shoes should I wear with a burgundy suit?

A popular choice is black or brown, but almost any shoe colour can match with this suit (yes, even yellow!). Oh well, maybe burgundy shoes are too much, right? Burgundy might be a colour that brings some prejudices to some traditionalists for its risky combinations.

What shirt and tie goes with a burgundy suit?

You might start rethinking your ideas about burgundy suits if you visualize how this colour looks fantastic with a crisp white shirt and black tie. But this is the safest choice and you have dozens of different combinations that will match lovely with a maroon suit: brown, sage green, mustard yellow, navy, and black. And even patterns, stripes... or try a flowered shirt. Have some fun with your outfit, anything goes well with a burgundy suit!

It even opens the door to pair it with some white trainers to move towards an alternative look. Or even a T-shirt can bring back the fashionable 90s style.

In short, both celebrities and different stylists have shown that, indeed, a maroon suit can beat grey and navy suits hands down when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Remember that if you have never seen it before, it would attract your attention, because it doesn’t need to add too much to the mix. Give it time, and you will begin to notice the air of modernity and elegance that this tone brings in any piece of tailoring.