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​3 Easy Evening Outfits For Men To Take On Holiday

9 days ago

3 Easy Evening Outfits For Men To Take On Holiday

You might have your look all sorted on ‘home soil’, but as soon as you encounter a different climate, culture, and daily routine, all sense of style can quickly go out the window. What would you wear for an evening outfit in the summer?

Summer might be a good time to relax your look, but dressing down doesn’t mean leaving the elegance at home – admit it, a sunburnt clothes-free torso in Bermuda shorts and flip flops is not elegant even at 40 degrees Celsius. The pressure is on when you have seven days or more to prepare for, and just a tiny little suitcase to stuff it all into.

Casualwear is the easy bit. If you’re flying somewhere hot, you need only a few pairs of shorts, chinos, and a selection of T-shirts. It’s easy to guess swimsuits and flip flops were the first garments packed in the suitcase. Things start to get trickier at sundown, when it’s time to dress up and look good.

You don’t want to be caught out on holiday with a shortage of smart clothes – especially if you’re going on a cruise. When everyone else is dressed up to the nines, you don’t want to be wandering around in your flip-flops, polo shirt, and Bermuda shorts or the fashionable short chinos.

Whether you spend your summers at a historic family house in the French Riviera, a holiday home in any Spanish costa, or on a wet shingle beach in south east England, you’re likely to want an elegant summer outfit to take with you.

With this in mind, we’ve put together three of our favourite evening outfits for men to take on holiday. They are fail-safe holiday outfits to cover all potential evening events, from relaxed drinks by the sea, to a black-tie dinner. Take a look to see which one of these evening outfits for special occasions will suit you for your warm holidays away. Yes, men’s suits are for summer too!

Outfit #1 – The Suave Sailor

So you’ve been invited for drinks on your neighbour’s yacht, or you go for some drinks with friends in a harbour-side bar? Maybe it’s just a relaxed family meal in a nice restaurant by the seaside, but you want to look good for this special occasion, and we’ve got the perfect evening look for you…

Photo: Dobell.

Our suggestion: This evening look is smart casual, perfect for drinks and a light bite to eat in a respectable establishment. A tailored fit blue blazer made in linen will keep you warm as the sun goes down, and on your way there a Panama hat is a good option to shade your face. The navy moccasins will keep your sockless feet well aired and a pair of tan trousers give a nice contrast to the look, escaping from the traditional colour-matched suit combination. Finish the outfit with a patterned pocket square that will instantly add a touch of class to a summer outfit.

Outfit #2 The Vintage Vacationer

Picture this: you’re going to a cocktail bar – palm trees, comfortable sofas, sunsets by the sea, chill-out music, and attractive people everywhere dressing smart. You need the perfect slick and sleek apparel, you need to consider a good suit, one that’s stylish, eye-catching and ice cool…

Photo: Dobell.

Our suggestion: Find your inner Al Pacino on holiday in a slim-fitting suit in light blue. A three-piece linen suit will bring comfort and will refresh you against the hotter days. Mind you, even if you need to take your jacket off, the waistcoat will provide the elegance you need. Whether you’re jetting off to the palm-lined boulevards of Miami, or an hotel on the Costa Del Sol, you’re bound to attract nice looks in this smart retro evening outfit for special occasions. Complete the look with a crisp white shirt, a statement navy blue tie (if patterned it’s even better), and a nice pair of brown Derby shoes.

Outfit #3 The Tropical Trend-Setter

Our next pick is a cruise staple. No man should board a floating hotel without one, as some black-tie nights require dressing up, as it’s a highlight for them too. These nights are great fun and the companies reserve the right to deny entry to a guest who is inappropriately dressed.

A white tuxedo jacket is designed for hot weather, and it looks incredible on a man of any age. Let’s face it: when else are you going to wear one? And buying your tuxedo can be less hassle and cheaper in the long run than renting a tuxedo.

Photo: Dobell.

Our suggestion: The white tuxedo was designed for warm climates and locations near the sea, where a man can make a dashing entrance with a white jacket and being recognized in the middle of the dark sea. Find a perfect white tuxedo jacket with shawl lapels and details contrasting in black to frame your face and body. Include in this look a crisp white dress shirt and a pair of glossy black dress shoes. You could pass for a secret agent… or perhaps just a well-dressed man.

Some evening outfits to take on holiday might be the best opportunity to wear different patterns, bright colours, and even skinny-fitting suits you don’t feel confident enough to wear in the office or your hometown. Colourful trousers and chinos are best worn in the summer, and bring the jollity our outfits need after a long dark winter spent mostly in our work clothes. These suggestions are the premium essential garments that any man can recycle and reuse in other looks for many more years.

Either way, heed our advice and you’ll never be embarrassingly underdressed on holiday again. Which one is your favourite?