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10 Tips For Cycling To Work In A Suit Without Causing A Stink

28 days ago

10 Tips For Cycling To Work In A Suit Without Causing A Stink

It keeps you fit, it saves you money, it’s great for the environment ad it energises you for the day ahead – but there is a major downside to cycling to work.

How do you turn up at the office looking sharp, suited, booted and ready for that promotion when you’ve just cycled 5 miles in the rain and you’re sweating profusely?

Luckily, there are a few handy tips you can take on board to safeguard your business suit (and your career progression) during that two-wheeled commute…

1. Leave Plenty of Time

If you’re running late for work, admit defeat. Take the car, catch a train, or get a taxi. Don’t attempt to make up the time by pedaling like a maniac. This is not the Tour de France – you will only turn up flustered, bedraggled, and probably still late. Leave plenty of time for a gentle ride in, with five minutes to spare to give you time to cool off before you settle at your desk.

2. Install mudguards

If you opt to wear your suit on the ride in (instead of bringing a change of clothes), you are going to need mudguards. Even if your route is road-only, on wet days dirty rainwater can splash up your trouser legs and back, ruining your work suit and probably attracting curious looks from your colleagues. Mudguards will, to some extent, stop that from happening.

3. Ditch the rucksack

Swap your rucksack for a pannier that clips onto your bike. A rucksack will heat your back and cause you to sweat more, producing unsightly patches on your shirt.

4. Lighten your load

The more you load onto your bike, the heavier it’s going to be, and the harder you’ll have to work to get it moving quickly. While your personal trainer might disagree, your suit will thank you for lightening your load and making the ride easier to reduce sweat. Leave your laptop at work and transfer any important documents with your smartphone or USB.

5. Don’t splash the cash

Don’t splash the cash on a designer suit that’s destined to be splashed in turn by a roadside puddle. If you’re going to cycle in your suit, choose comfort and quality over labels.

6. Bag up your suit and shirt

If you’re worried about sweat patches, wear a comfortable t-shirt while you cycle and take an easy-iron shirt in your bag (to minimise creasing).

7. Stash at the office

Eliminate creasing altogether by finding a cupboard at work to hang your suit up in. Get on of those handy suit bags to protect it from dust, spillages, etc. The downside is that you’ll need to spare more time to get changed, but at least you’ll look good.

8. Wet wipes

This pointer doesn’t need much of an explanation. If your office doesn’t have a shower, equip yourself with plenty of wet wipes and have a quick rub down when you get to the office.

9. Change your bike

The best sort of bikes to wear a suit on is the upright type that you can easily swing your suited leg over. A racing bike is great if you’re willing to don all the skin-tight Spandex, but for suit wearers, you’ll want to be as upright as possible.

10. Invest in a suit cycle bag

The problem of riding into work has become so great that savvy inventors have already come up with several ingenious ways of carrying men's suits on bikes, with garment bags designed for travellers and commuters.