Men's Top Hats

Men's Top Hats

Our selection of mens top hats includes an impressive range of different styles and colours guaranteed to make sure you look the part for your special occasion, be it race day at Ascot or your wedding day. Whether you are after classic black, elegant white, or one of our vibrant coloured top hats, browse the collection below and secure yourself the ultimate gentleman’s accessory.

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Top Hats for Men

Historically, other than for protection against the elements, men wore hats as an indicator of social status, hence the requirement to wear hats at certain formal occasions. The tradition of wearing hats to racing events started at Royal Ascot itself, after it was made mandatory to wear a hat within the royal enclosure- a tradition that still stands strong today. The top hat, occasionally referred to as a beaver hat or magician’s hat, dates back to the 19th century and is a vital accessory for any man wearing morning suit attire, especially at Royal Ascot. Here at Dobell, we're experts at Royal Ascot attire, so our beautifully crafted range of top hats have been designed with the prestigious event in mind, so you can rest in the knowledge that your attire meets the strict guidelines. Of course top hats aren’t just reserved for Royal Ascot, they are a key part in any morning dress, and since becoming a Royal Ascot necessity, morning dress has been adopted worldwide for a number of formal events especially weddings. Morning dress is now seen as the daytime equivalent to eveningwear, becoming the chosen dress code for occasions where formality is still required but in a way that lends itself better to a day time setting. Here at Dobell we have top hats in a range of styles, fabrics and colours, but it’s important you choose on that is best suited to your special occasion. If you are going to a race day at Royal Ascot, you must opt for a black or grey top hat in order to adhere to the royal enclosures strict dress codes. However, if you are shopping for your big day, or attending a formal wedding as a guest you have more creative license to choose whichever colour you like, or that fits the theme. If you need some further inspiration for an upcoming wedding, visit our traditional wedding page for everything you will need to create the perfect morning dress.