Dress Canes

Dress Canes

A dress cane is the ultimate finishing touch to a gentleman's formal attire. Perfect for weddings and black tie events, a dress cane will create an exceptionally dapper look and ensure all eyes are on you. Our extravagant range includes a variety of different handle options from silver to gold and imitation ivory to swaroski elements. Shop the collection below and check out our other accessories on offer to make sure you are dapper from head to toe. 

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Dress Canes

A dress cane, derived from the term walking stick, is the ultimate gentleman's accessory and the final touch to any formal attire. While historically a gentleman was considered unfinished if without a dress cane, in recent times as formality has dwindled, the dress cane is a rare sight. But here at Dobell we are experts in formal wear and passionate about it too, so we are bringing the dress cane back- you heard it here first!

Originally, a cane was used as a walking aid and for protection but over the years it became a symbol for authority and prestige, this is when the dress cane came into its own as a status symbol. At one stage in the 1600's it was deemed good etiquette to carry a cane and strongly frowned upon if you weren't. By the 1700's men had to hold a license to carry a dress cane and were stripped of it if they conducted what was considered bad behaviour.

Our fabulous range of dress canes will certainly have something that tickles your fancy. If you want to maintain a classic look then opt for our traditional chrome knob handle but if you want to go all out then why not treat yourself to one of our Swarovski skull handle designs. In addition to our own fantastic collection we stock a beautiful selection of Pasotti dress canes for a truly luxurious look which will have all eyes on you for sure. Shop our collection now and be part of Dobell’s dress cane movement!