Just as a woman would never go to a dinner party without her jewellery, a man should never be without his cufflinks. Cufflinks are an important accessory when dressing for formal events, which is why we've developed our very own extensive range of stylish and contemporary cufflinks, perfect for a variety of occasions. Shop our selection of show stopping cufflinks below ahead of your wedding, anniversary or black tie event and don't forget to check out our collection of men's shirts too so you have the perfect base for your new accessories. 


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  • Blue and Gold Striped Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Blue Crystal Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Multicoloured Striped Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Silver Coloured Rectangular Blocks
  • Cufflinks - Purple Circle
  • Cufflinks - Large Silver Square with Pink Diamante
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Poker
  • Cufflinks - Union Jack
  • Cufflinks - Green Spirit Level
  • Silver Style Dice Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Red and Yellow Card
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Football
  • Royal Crown Silver Style Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - St George
  • Cufflinks - Ivory Groom
  • Cufflinks - Black and White Groom
  • Cufflinks - Silver Coloured Mini USB Flash Drives
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Drinking Arm
  • Gold Style Hourglass Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Pink Crystal Square Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Chrome Ball
  • Black Faux Leather Cord Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Jack Daniels Bottle Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Gunmetal Grey Clear Crystal Cufflinks by Dobell
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Men's Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a functional and ornamental piece of jewellery for men. Although associated most often with formal events, cufflinks are very versatile and, with the right shirt, you can work them into a variety of outfits whether it’s a wedding, black tie, white tie or just a day at the office.

Cufflinks were first seen in the 1600's but they were not in their element until the 19th century. Their popularity developed when shirts began to be made sturdier which, when starched, made the cuffs almost impossible to secure with a button alone. Consequently, cufflinks became an everyday essential amongst men in the middle and upper classes.

Over the years cufflinks have evolved into high fashion items, now available in a vast array of shapes, sizes, colours and designs to suit absolutely every taste and any occasion. At Dobell we pride ourselves on our extensive cufflink collection, which includes a wide range of products from sleek and sophisticated styles for businessmen to fun and novelty designs for party goers.

Before you purchase your cufflinks, you must make sure you have the right shirt. Cufflinks require a shirt that has no buttons on the cuffs but still has button holes. Check out our range of dress shirts which go perfectly with cufflinks.