Bow Ties

Bow Ties

A bow tie is a great way to add your own style into a formal outfit. Whether it's for work or a black tie event, our range of bow ties for men includes an array of colours, patterns and designs so there is sure to be something right for the occasion.

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  • Navy Blue Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Royal Blue Poly Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Dobell Navy Check Seersucker Bow Tie
  • Dobell Navy Donegal Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Graphic Floral Print Bow Tie
  • Self-Tie Navy Blue Bow Tie
  • Loch Hart Blue Donegal Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Navy Blue Paisley Jacquard Bow Tie
  • Dobell Teal Graphic Floral Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Chambray Blue Linen Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Tartan Bow Tie
  • Dobell Light Blue Seersucker Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue with Black Anchor Print Bow Tie
  • Loch Hart Light Blue Paisley Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Floral Jacquard Bow Tie
  • Blue Paisley Silk Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Dobell Light Blue Herringbone Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Multi Spot Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Fish Print Bow Tie
  • Pre-Tied Australian Flag Bow Tie
  • Pre-Tied Scottish Flag Bow Tie
  • Dobell Royal Blue Dupion Bow Tie
  • Liberty 'Edenham' Royal Blue Floral Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Dobell Light Blue Paisley Bow Tie
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Bow Ties

Bow ties have been around since the 17th century and while there may have been a dip in their popularity since then, they are most definitely back in fashion. Traditionally, the bow tie was saved for the most formal of occasions, often partnered with black or white tie attire, but in recent times there has been a comeback, seeing them pop up at business meetings, dinner dates and cocktail parties all over the place. Whether it's a pre-tie or self-tie bow tie you're after, we have a vast array of wonderful colours, patterns, fabrics and designs for you to co-ordinate with your chosen outfit.

Here at Dobell we think that a bow tie looks best paired with a waistcoat and we have a fantastic range of waistcoats to either match or contrast with your bow tie, depending on the look you're after. 

Much like the tie, it is a gentleman's right of passage to learn how to tie a bow tie. We know that this can be a little tricky at first, but fret not, we have put together this ever so handy and easy to follow how to guide on how to tie a bow tie. Once mastered, you will be the most dapper man in every room, donning your 'proper' self-tie Bow Tie.