Men's Belts

A belt is one of the most important accessories for the modern gentleman. Apart from its obvious functional importance to a pair of trousers, a man's belt is often the leading accessory for any outfit. At Dobell we take accessorising seriously, so our range of stylish men's belts will have you covered from your dress down Friday to your Sunday best and everything in between. If you want to take your accessorising one step further, visit our men's accessories page for all the finishing touches you can think of. 

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Men's Belts

Men's belts did not start serving a functional purpose until the 1920's, before this they were purely decorative. Today, they are an essential part of men's fashion for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Aside from their practicality, belts are a great way to create a sleeker, more athletic silhouette as they draw in the waist, emphasising the shoulders and chest in turn. Historically, belts were never associated with formal wear, as trousers didn't originally feature belt loops, but today, a belt is one of the most popular accessories for the modern gentleman.

Traditionally, belts and shoes almost came as a pair, matching each other and contrasting against the trousers.  We recommend that you choose one item to contrast with your attire and let the other blend into the colour palette for a much more contemporary look. Whilst your belt and shoes don' t have to be the same colour necessarily, it is important to match the finishings of the items, for example; patent or matte. Check out our fantastic range of men's shoes to create your perfect combination. As experts in formal wear, we take our formal accessories seriously too, which is why we’ve created our range of top quality men’s belts, all made from genuine leather, with a variety of buckles and colours to match any outfit.