Suit Jackets

Suit Jacket

Transform any casual outfit with a suit jacket. The addition of a suit jacket can instantly elevate your status in social situations, making you dress-ready for any event. Suit jackets are versatile pieces that looks as sharp with matching suit trousers, as it does with jeans or chinos. Take the smart casual look up a notch by adding a bow tie, pocket square, or the latest trend, a cravat.

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Suit Jackets

The history of the mens suit, and suit jacket began, in the form that we now think of as a business suit, as we have come to expect them, started back in the Regency period back in the early 1800s, by British “dandys” – men who take great pride of their own appearance, and were often considered very middle class, but emulating an upper class aristocrat lifestyle. The suit took many early forms, some of which have remained, in the styles of morning coats with longer tails at the rear and a short cut at the front, which was practical for riding. The further simplified suit that don businessmen across the Western World, rose to prominence in the late 1940s, with the size of the suits lapels reducing in size through the 1960s.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that several brands started to sell custom fit suits, where the individual items could be purchased to fit the individual, as opposed to a gent seeking tailoring on his trousers. The waistcoat was almost entirely eliminated from the men’s suit towards the end of the 1980s, as trends suggested further simplification of the humble suit. As fashion advanced into the 21st Century, the blazer button numbers also simplified, from three to the now popular 2. In many businesses nowadays, it is far less common to wear a suit to work, which started with the American style “casual Fridays”, and eventually moving to an entirely suit free week. Suits are now popular with those in the banking sector, especially within the city, and also for salesman attending important commercial meetings.

Where the suit jacket has seen a rise to prominence is in the social sector, which was previously far more casual than work wear. Now, gentlemen across the UK are wearing blazers and suit jackets with other, more casual items such as chinos and dark jeans. Our suit jackets are fantastic quality, and are pair-able with our matching or complimenting suit trousers, or that smart pair of jeans hanging in your wardrobe.