Cummerbunds finish of a tuxedo in stylish, modest fashion. The cummerbund is a strip of velvet fabric wrapped around the waist, and is worn in place of the waistcoat. Check out our range of quality cummerbunds, which are available in a vast array of colours and patterns, from Tuxedo black, white, navy blue and near ever colour you’d need in between.


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  • Black Cummerbund
  • Burgundy Cummerbund
  • White Cummerbund
  • Red Cummerbund
  • Royal Blue Cummerbund
  • Ivory Cummerbund
  • Navy Blue Cummerbund
  • Silver Cummerbund
  • Black Cummerbund & Pre-Tied Bow Tie Set
  • Black Silk Cummerbund
  • Gold Silk Cummerbund
  • Red Silk Cummerbund
  • White Silk Cummerbund
  • Dobell Black Skinny Cummerbund
  • Bright Pink Cummerbund
  • Peach Cummerbund

    Peach Cummerbund

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  • Yellow Cummerbund
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Cummerbunds For Tuxedo

The Cummerbund is one of the oft-forgotten mens formal fashion accessory and one that we are keen to bring back into it’s old prominence. Similar to the satin coloured buttons, and satin strip on the out seam of the trouser leg, the waist band is used as a way of covering up the workings of the tuxedo. disguising the area where the shirt is tucked into the trouser, causing a potential puffing out.

Cummerbund, which translates (unsurprisingly) as waist band also acts to make a man look taller, and hide a full stomach after a slap up meal, thus making the body also appear slimmer. The ripples, which must be worn upward facing, also help to disguise the lines and shape of the man’s waist but they also had another purpose. As black tie was the chosen attire for the opera, men used the ripples on the cummerbund in which to store their tickets, as it was deemed ungentlemanly to rummage through pockets when searching for the stub. Because of their upward facing ripples, which act as mini pouches for anything that falls into them, they are sometimes known as crumb-catchers, especially in military circles.

Over time, the waistcoat has taken some of the shine away from the cummerbund, and replaced it’s true need, however, by sticking to black tie tradition, the cummerbund should actually be worn in place of the waistcoat.

We have a range of colours to suit whatever the occasion, or indeed outfit you’ve chosen. If you’re feeling adventurous, then you should definitely check out our paisley collection, to add some style to your attire.