Morning Suits

Morning Suit

Morning Suits for men: the ultimate morning suit collection by Dobell mens wear. High quality, tailored tailcoats and morning suits, suitable for Royal Ascot, or as mens wedding suit attire. We’ve made sure to stock an impressive range of colours and styles, from the traditional black tailcoat and grey striped trousers, to modern styles such as royal blue morning suits.

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Morning Suits

Morning suits are the sophisticated attire of choice, popular as both the groom, as mens wedding suits for the guests. We have taken care and attention in crafting our Alexander Dobell morning suit range, and been very selective in the other branded morning suits we stock, such as Tore and Selected Homme. 

If you’re browsing this page, it is obvious that the event you are attending, or hosting, is an important one. If you are the groom to be, (firstly, congratulations from all of us), you really can’t go wrong with one of our morning suits, (or weddings suits), and you’re guaranteed to look sharp on your big day.
If you are attending an occasion that requires a morning suit, or tails, such as Royal Ascot – (be sure to check out our Royal Ascot page here). 

A morning suit is compiled of a number of items and design styles. The jacket is cut longer than a typical suit jacket, with a longer back, worn with either striped grey trousers, or matching suit trousers. A waistcoat is usually chosen, matching the tailcoat, and worn with a white dress shirt. We also recommend partnering your morning suit with a pocket square and matching tie or cravat. You can even push the boat out, choosing a bow tie instead.

We stock a wide array of colours, with the traditional favourite black morning suit with striped grey trousers, or light grey and matching trousers, complete with an almost gloss touch; perfect for summer weddings. Check out our top sellers and package deals, particularly in our Alexander Dobell range, for the very best value.