Stud Sets

Shirt Stud Sets

Shirt Stud Sets are used to add some personality and style to your dress shirt. We have a colourful range of mens shirt studs, and specialise in supplying customers, just like you, with wedding shirt studs and white tie studs.

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Shirt Studs Sets

Shirt studs add a real personality to your own outfit, and can ensure you stand out at an event, where the dress code (such as black tie) dictates an otherwise similar appearance amongst your fellow delegates.

Shirt studs originated in the 19th century, and were thought to have been introduced because the shirt cotton was too stiff at that time for buttons to close the shirt together. Traditional style white dress shirts have carried this design style into the 21st century, and utilise the dress studs to this day, in place of the common shirt button found on smart shirts.

You can choose from our fantastic, affordable range of mens dress studs above, match it with one of our exquisit mens dress shirts, and expect some positive comments about your dashing colour scheme!