Cufflinks ensure you catch the eyes of your fellow dinner guests, your date, or show those on the opposite side of the board room table. Dress up your shirt cuffs with a pair of shiny cufflinks from our exquisite collection. We hold a fantastic selection of men’s cufflinks, in classical styles and even some funny novelty numbers. 

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Mens Cufflinks & Wedding Cufflinks

Cufflinks are used to secure the cuffs of button-shirts, and can be made from a number of materials, but most popularly as metal, silk knots and precious stones. The cufflink front is usually decorated in some sort of fashion, with gemstones, or polished metal, to provide a glossy surface. Cufflinks are designed to be used for both single or double cuffed shirts, or French cuffs, which have two unbuttoned holes. French cuffs which are worn pinched together are described as kissing cuffs, and are usually the most popular style chosen by those who sport cufflinks, in formal or business environments.

It is popular to wear cufflinks that are either a favourite colour match, a birth stone and even something that reflects the hobbies or interests of the subject wearing them. Some of the popular choices we see, from our own collection, include the red racing cars for the Formula 1 fans, and some Spitfire airplane inspired favourites. We have a great selection of wedding cufflinks for men in our online store, and you can be sure of our usual high quality, yet surprisingly low prices on a set of cufflinks that won’t let you down on the big day. You can check out our wedding suit range here, and our dress shirt range here.