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Mens braces are one of your way to switch up your usual smart look, by swapping your belt for a pair of retro braces. Our deep selection of mens braces cover all number of colours, patterns, styles, materials, starting at our usual astounding prices.


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  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Navy Blue Braces - 35mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Black Braces - (35mm)
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Navy Blue Braces - 25mm
  • Gold Braces
  • Bright Orange Braces
  • Yellow Braces
  • Gold Slim Braces

    Gold Slim Braces

    £19.99 £14.99

  • Dark Silver with White Dots Slim Braces
  • Navy Blue with Yellow Dots Braces
  • St George Braces
  • Rainbow Braces
  • Red Lambretta Scooter Print Braces
  • Blue Lambretta Scooter Print Braces
  • Jellybean Print Braces
  • Poker Print Braces
  • Peacock Print Braces
  • Dazzling Blue Aston Martin Print Braces
  • Burgundy Aston Martin Print Braces
  • Harlequin Print Braces
  • Union Jack Braces
  • Lindenmann Navy Blue with Small White Dots Braces
  • Lindenmann White Braces - 30mm
  • Lindenmann Black Textured Pattern Braces with Leather Ends
  • Lindenmann Light Brown Patterned Braces With Leather Ends
  • 51 Product(s)
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Braces For Men

Mens Braces were once a favourite with men in the early 20th century and it was common for men to wear both a belt and braces, with a suit. The popularity of such even led to a phrase being used to describe having a back-up plan, or safety net; described as the “belt and braces” philosophy. We don’t suggest such an outlook, as our braces are of such high quality, you can leave the belt at home!

Braces are an elastic material, at least toward the attachments, with small clamp type grips on each end, so as to hold the lower half of your ensemble in place. The back part of the braces are usually stitched in a Y or X design, giving extra support.

The original braces, as we know them today, were designed in place of a belt, due to the high waist band of trousers, worn in the 1850s. Men’s braces have come back into fashion in more recent times, due to their appearance in the 80s classic Wall Street, and more modern classics such as TV Show Mad Men and numerous Daniel Craig era 007 movies. They have long been associated with the attire of the punk fashion, and skinhead dress style. More commonly however, is the popularity of braces in white collar, middle to upper class business environments.

Make sure you are part of the braces resurgence, and add a pair of our high quality men’s braces to your formal attire, or even business outfit. We’ve got a huge array of colours, patterns and styles available, at some astonishing prices.