The Versatility Of A Tuxedo


Black Tie

The Tuxedo is a well-known top drawer (or hanger) male fashion statement. You’re really only going to wear one for the most formal of affairs, usually charity balls, gala dinners, award ceremonies, or the most high brow of celebrations. In fact, many men under the age of 35 haven’t yet worn a tux, despite having a real appetite for rocking some formal fashion in the most “sma-sual” of situations.

Let’s fix that, right now….

You now have permission to pack your wardrobe with a tux, and the accessories associated with it, and gain some serious Instagram likes in the process., for use in less formal scenarios.

In Slickness and in Health

Weddings inevitably result in you bumping into old school friends, and that girl you wanted to hook up with at uni, but never manged to. With that comes that unspoken pressure to turn out look like you’ve turned into a 10, when they knew you before as a mere 7.65ac2af65e8f1e32fb98cacda20daa3f

With Dobell’s range of slim fit black tuxedos, you can wear one for the next wedding you attend, with an almost certain guarantee to leave them stalking your FB, and Insta, maybe encouraging that girl to slide in those DMs.

Blazer Quest

Blue TuxedoIf you’re a gent who loves a bit of style, you’ve probably already got a few blazers in the wardrobe, ready and waiting for those after work drinks. But you should be taking advantage of the latest trend of utilising the once formal-only tuxedo jacket, as a blazer. We’re not just talking about the classic black tux here though. There are so many new styles, colours and textures to add to your wardrobe, and add to that stand out attire you’re throwing together.

Try a blue tweed tuxedo, white v neck, and smart blue jeans. Match your belt to the lapels, and rock smart white high-tops or black leather lace ups.

On The Accesso-Rise

One of the latest trends we’ve seen emerging concerning the typical black tie attire, is the use of the cummerbund paired with less formal outfits. We’ve been working with German Model and Fashion Blogger, Maik Kaiser, who had the idea of pairing the cummerbund with blazer, jeans and T shirt. Granted this look takes more a daring approach to styling, it shows the extents to which you can take a typically formal item, and introduce it to a casual get up.


Using the famed bow tie with more casual attire is probably our favourite smart-to-casual transition.

Tweed blazer & bow tie

We recommend using a soft texture to compliment the harsher feel of a tweed blazer, such as a blue satin bow tie. This, teamed with the other items in this flat lay is the ultimate Autumn Evening drinks outfit, using many of the items already in your wardrobe.

Author and men's fashion fanatic. As a modern man, I am no stranger to fake tan, male grooming and a fancy pocket square. Always over dressed. Still man enough to know my way around a shed, though! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @TheWhiteGent

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